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"Oh Whoa" is the courts in Waco. What a Dilemma they have. Who to put on trial first. a Accused Sex Offender, Former Baylor University football player Shawn Oakman or Twin Peaks biker Tom Modesto Mendez will go to trial Sept. 10 in Waco’s 19th State District Court. Unlike Bikers Oakman
 hasn't missed a beat. he's playing ball and gettin paid although it is not NFL.


Here's what they are saying at the WT news. "Dilemma" for the defendants — and court officials — is that it might come down to the wire before it is determined which trial will be held first.


Hasn't Strother jacked with the trail order once before? Gerrymandering it's called, "Jake Carrizal" comes to mind doesn't it?


Take note: Ole Judge Strother is at it again in our view. You see it's the protective nature to keep Baylor U out of the headlines until no one is looking. In this case lets hang a Biker instead of the former football player who raped a fellow student. Yes! A female we think.


​According to BU their women students are sluts when it comes to hanging with BU athletes. Maybe she consented before she didn't kind of stuff. Many articles on Oakman talks more about his number of tackles than the woman's assault.  


Judge Strother has stunk the place up so much everyone wants to recuse the Ole Crusty Crab. In this case we think favoritism is going to the athlete who only had a $25,000. dollar bond instead of the 1 million dollar bond Bikers got shafted with. May we remind you there was no proper investigation during or after Twinn Peaks, that's three years and counting. 


Strother granted Mendez's attorney Pena a continuance last week from an Aug. 27 trial setting. But Pena said that extension was insufficient, and court officials have said they expect him to file the recusal motion, which could remove the judge from the case and delay the trial further.


Well the Judge aint likin that crap so he's contacted the regional administrative judge to see if an expedited recusal hearing can be held. This will be a desperate action by Strothers to stay in the game. he's due to be retired because of age, let's hope soon. 


Prosecutors have indicated they will oppose Pena’s recusal motion, if one is filed, despite the fact Reyna and his former first assistant, Michael Jarrett, previously tried to recuse Strother in a Twin Peaks case.


Prosecutors are expected to argue that Pena’s motion is not filed in a timely manner and is made improperly for the sole purpose of delay. Whats the difference when the DA's office recused Strothers to stay out of court where they would have to testify against their boss Abel Reyna?


​Wait a minute! Didn't the DA's office just improperly filed the charge of riot using the same case number of previous charges? Now they are bitchin about a defendant.


WOW! Do you see whats going on here. It's a DA's office whata burger, "have it your way", with a little help from my friends in the court house.