Sons Of Liberty Riders MC and Texas Biker Radio Welcomes you to our website. Please allow us to give you a little bit of our History about ourselves so you might better understand why we invited you here.

We are a Motorcycle Club who's mission is to protect and defend the Constitution and those who's Constitutional Rights have been violated. Our group is made up of Veterans and Patriots who believe the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land that pertains to every American, not just selected groups.


Not only have we supported motorcyclist, we've supported citizens like in Sand Branch Texas, a poor black community (since 1887) that's been hauling water into their community for over 30 years. Dallas County Commissioners have been trying to drive them out of their homes for 30 years by denying them water. This battle continues.

We also work on Motorcycle Safety issues as members of the Texas Confederation Of Clubs & Independents (TCOCI) and US Defenders. US Defenders is made up of dedicated people who believe in motorcycle safety issues and Bikers rights according to the Constitution. In a nutshell we work to preserve the rights of every American citizen regardless of what they drive, ride, what group they may associate with, what they wear or what they look like. When we show up someone has violated the rights of American Citizens. More often than not it's a government entity.
Let us say this, we are not anti-law enforcement. We deplore groups who fan the racial flames that have lead to the deaths of law enforcement officers over the past years. The most recent being Dallas, San Antonio and Indiana. Groups like the BLM, ANTIFA, DNC, CBC and George Soros that lead and provide support. They  continue to get a pass for political reasons. If you've been alive and breathing you know this is true. There are laws for the rich, well connected, politicians, law enforcement. Laws for us and Laws for them. It's in plain site everyday. 
We point out that not a single Biker group has called for the assassination of law enforcement officers, not the Bandidos or Cossack's that had multiple members killed or wounded at Twinn Peaks.

At This website we are going to tell the truth as we know it. We'll include videos explaining our point of view which comes from a Constitutional perspective and our own knowledge of the situations. We are not professional writers or videographers, we are everyday people just like you, we have jobs, families, responsibility's and ride motorcycles. We live in a new world and part of it is the rise of citizen journalist who seek the truth in a world of lies and innuendos by the media and government entities. True investigative reporting has gave way to agenda driven news.

Twinn Peaks May 17th 2015

It's been over 2 1/2 years not a single trial by the folks that couldn't wait to show us the videos. A lot of secrecy still surrounds the actions in and around Twinn Peaks. Since the beginning we've been searching and trying to sort out the truth. The air was full of lies and innuendos for days after, much of it aimed at Twinn Peaks itself, Bikers and Biker Clubs. The main stream media regurgitated a false narrative word for word throughout the Nation and gave Sgt Swanton his 15 minutes of fame. He thought it would launched his political career as Sheriff of McLennan County. 


Let us point out, motorcycling and motorcycle Clubs have changed. This is 2017 not 1960, 70, 80 or 90's. For decades the feds have used the same description or narrative for what they call Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG). They paint this picture of dirty bikers who do nothing but drink, run drugs, work with cartels in sex & human trafficking, with little or no data to back it up.


In the most recent 2017 DPS Gang Assessment Report not a single biker group was named as human or sex traffickers, yet they keep picking at the Bandidos in particular. As a matter of fact if one was to compare their last Threat Assessment Report, much of it seems to have been a copy and paste job from years before.


In The DPS report it included this statement about support Clubs. "Not All Support Club Members Participate In Criminal Activities", we submit to you this is true for all Clubs including 1%. Click Here! 

We're surprised their false narrative didn't throw in gun running as shown in the Sons of Anarchy TV show. Of course we can all believe everything we see on TV, right?

The FBI's own data will tell you any Bikers that might be involved in drug trafficking are opportunist. Meaning that Individual Bikers are lured by the chance at fast money, the Club as a whole took no part or knew of their actions. We'd like to point out there is another group that has that same problem, Yes, Law Enforcement itself has bad apples. Let us point out using the FBI's own data. Law Enforcement and what we call Outlaw Public Officials (OPO's) are arrested and convicted of more crimes than all Motorcycle Clubs combined over the last 10 years. We hear it is relatively easy to get truck loads of narcotics across the border if advance payments are made to look the other way.  

What we've learned since the early days of Twinn Peaks.

How Jessie "Mohawk" Rodriguez was murdered, he was not a member of any Club, he had no weapons, he was a Viet Nam Veteran that often wore his Marine Corp Colors red & gold.  Jesse just liked being around other bikers, you might find him where any gathered around the state.


We've learned that Waco PD actually tried to start an investigation after the parking lot brawl and massacre. Meaning they were trying to figure out "who" was actually involved in the parking lot fight and shootings before a militarized police unit got involved. Somewhere during this process a weak kneed assistant police chief let Able Reyna push them all to the side with an unprecedented command decision.

They would arrest 177 people with the same cookie cutter charges of engaging in criminal activities, then find a Justice Of The Peace Pete Peterson ( a former state trooper) with questionable judicial experience put them all under million dollar bonds.

“Pete” Peterson set $1 million bonds on each defendant, saying he was doing so to “send a message” because of the “atrocity of the incident and the impact on the community. Blame for what happened at Twinn Peaks depends how you look at it with "true" facts.

From that point on let the lies and innuendos begin, starting with  Waco Police Officer Manuel Chavez, Sgt Patrick Swanton who went on a rant explaining Bikers were in route to Waco with weapons stolen from an armory. But lets not stop there...

Unknown State investigators of the DPS issued a bulletin warning that members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang may be plotting attacks on law enforcement, and officers in Waco say it’s being treated as a serious threat.


McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara told the Associated Press his office received the bulletin issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety. McNamara says the bulletin warns of retaliation against officers and their families following the shootout with bikers in Waco. McNamara says threats against law enforcement have streamed in since Sunday’s melee at Twin Peaks. “Are they going to come into town at 100 miles per hour lobbing grenades and firebombs? Right now, we don’t know,” McNamara said.

Actually they all knew including the DPS it was bullshit and nothing but piling on to set the narrative. There were never any Bikers headed to Waco, not Bandidos, Cossack's or anyone else. A fabricated lie among many, Bikers are easy to vilify.

The famous weapons count down. We found a 1000 weapons they proudly announced. Finally the media (AP) questioned the picture being painted for the public. The count steadily dropped 1000 then 750 to about 350. Even that's ridiculous since they counted each boot, vest chains which can be up to 4 per vest, knives which most Bikers carry some sort of, firearms, pipes, work tools legally locked up in vehicles.

Let us point out, you can go into any church parking lot in Texas and find weapons they described at Twinn Peaks. Evan Swanton's church.

The Videos Swanton couldn't wait to show us were released didn't show a single police officer firing a weapons. It was kind of telling when you looked at it closely. The majority of Bikers were diving for cover, they were not running toward a fight as the law suggested, confusion was what we saw as a few pulled weapons, if they fired they are possibly in trouble as they should be.

It may be the only ones that knew exactly why they were there, were members of the TCOCI & US Defenders who are political oriented organizations. They've been meeting peacefully around Texas and the Nation for over two decades.


Gross Negligence


If Waco PD and The DPS were so concerned about public safety, why did they not contact the organizers of the TCOCI event. They were local and the TCOCI websites have contact numbers, names & emails. We're shocked all these high powered investigators and CI's couldn't figure it out or did they not bother. 

We did notice the Waco Tribune left out the fact that Waco PD did visit the Cossack leadership expressing their concerns, or so they said, the Cossack leadership said they were ready? Ready for what? We found this out through the charges against the motorcycles. 

Here's what we do know. There are some people who were involved in whatever went on in the parking lot, maybe some inside are in deep trouble. They are going to be found guilty for their crimes. The DA will bring them up first if he thinks he has the evidence. You can bet it will be a Bandido since they are the target of law enforcement in Texas.

We worry for those who are innocent, who have no criminal records, those who have had their Constitutional Right's violated by a system rigged for outcome, not justice.