Best way to watch the Presidential debate with out being nudged by the powers in social and main stream media is to find an stream without commentary, after all we are all smart enough to decipher what we hear and see with our own eyes. I damned sure don't need a full fledged America hating media progressive trying to influence my thoughts or telling who's winning. 


In particular beware trending notices on the internet, understand that trends are controlled to nudge you a certain direction or to a certain product. In this case it will be a certain candidate like Hillary.


Lets do keep in mind they are all in the tank for Hillary and they will do and say anything to keep Trump from winning. They've all invested heavily in Hillary's candidacy and expect her to deliver for them at a later date. 

They all know she's a liar, a thief and for sale. 


There are places to watch the debate without commentary, C-SPAN and YouTube will have some video streams that are clean, if you do not want to hear or see the nudges created to influence you stay away from Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Netflix, All MSM. Even better listen on the radio.


If you do watch on these sites recognize it for what it is, Bull Shit!