There are some things you may not know about fighting the Coronavirus. One thing is for sure the world was caught flat footed. Nobody was ready for a pandemic like this, "nobody". It did help that the Chinese Communist party tried to cover it up and countries around the world lost valuable time in preventing the spread. In particular right now Italy is paying a terrible price since they had many Chinese workers in their textile industries. Unknowingly Italians failed to curtail or stop travel from China. Italy has paid a stiff price at 3405 deaths which surpasses China where the virus originated. 


Common since tells us the world is desperately trying to get ahead and starting way behind. Our system as usual was weighted down in a bureaucratic maze of government  agencies not designed for what we're seeing now. President Trump is doing everything he can to cut through it. But understand the failures we are seeing now was put in place a long time ago. We have been sold out and now China threatens to hold medical supplies from us and launches a propaganda campaign to blame our troops for the spread of the virus. Whats worse is the cheerleaders in the media is helping spread the propaganda.


You may have heard Popeye explain In the 1980's we were sold out by the NAFTA deal and manufacturing began leaving one after the other. Fast forward when President Clinton signed the  U.S. - China Relations Act of 2000. Granting Beijing permanent normal trade relations with the U.S.. That paved the way for China to join the World Trade Organization in 2001. Between 1980 and 2004 U.S.-China trade jumped from 5 billion to 231 billion. Let the pillaging begin as the U.S. loses 60,000 manufactures to cheap government subsidized companies mainly in China. All the time American Companies were telling American workers the benefits of sending their jobs overseas. They had the blessings of unscrupulous politicians, many who still hold office today.  

90% of our generic drugs are manufactured in China. This includes important antibiotics used to fight covid 19. In 2002 we lost the last Aspirin Plant, in 2004 we closed down Penicillin and Vitamin C manufacturers. Now they have quit shipping circuit boards for Ventilator Manufacturers. Go figure!


That's just a tip of the iceberg as Trump is fighting the good fight. Its now our duty to have his back and demand we return a strong American Manufacturing base of essential products and technical no how protected from those who would do us harm.


Bring It Back


Covid 19 Facts: There is not nor has there ever been enough medical supplies for over 350 million people or even half. This includes respirators, ventilators, hospital emergency rooms, hospital beds, doctors, nurses and any other type medical supplies you can think of. By the time we ramp up to achieve such a goal the virus may have run it course. Meanwhile many are fanning the flames to send the public into further panic.

mel moss says...
"Update 3/20/20 9:16am: 4 family members from New Jersey die from covid19 after family gathering. Mother and 3 siblings. 1 with underlying health conditions." (3/20/20)