Lets put "primadonna protesting" and the NFL in its place of importance. This is a very small group of small minded people getting a whole lot of attention. 


Americans Have Fought & Died For Your Right To Be Stupid. It's more than amusing that black NFL players who have been pampered most of their football lives finds the need to join the ranks of those who instigate the murder of police officers like black lives matters. Using the banner of social justice as if to give cover to the true meaning.


Please don't ever think the NFL is not left winged progressives, who needs people who see themselves as victims no matter what their social and financial status might be.  Colin Kaepernick has reignited a dangerous game that puts our police officers in the cross hairs. Some young misguided person will do something stupid whether it be attacking whites walking down the street or murdering a police officer. Some young black kid will become judge jury and executioner. Its the kind of thing they are protesting about or so they say.


Let us say this to the NFL and it's players, running over to the local soup kitchen and visiting a children's hospital is a nice gesture. But it's purely a publicity stunt designed to pull at Americas heart strings. It works! Opra became a billionaire pulling at American women's heart strings and putting on good shows. Each year we get blasted with it especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. You and I know it. Outside of the obvious homeless Its ironic to see our poor talking on cell phones and driving gas guzzling vehicles. The whole charity Industry is under great suspicion nowadays thanks to the Clinton Foundation and the NFL..

NFL - Salvation Army Super Bowl Arlington TX

Using the Salvation Army as a vehicle to indoctrinate children into climate change fanatics was more than eye opening for me. We should be taking another look at all tax free organizations, in particular the pay scale of their executives. The NFL was reported to be giving up it's 5013c after 70 years. More than likely because they knew people would be asking why filthy rich owners were deemed a charitable organization with tax free exemptions. Understanding very little of their profits actually went to charity. Its easier to persuade us to do it and donate through them.


So what have all these victims like Kaepernick actually done other than deliver a meal to the poor and homeless once a year? America has no shortage of minority neighborhoods who could us a helping hand and we don't mean a meal once a year. very few have put their money where their mouth is and installing a gym floor in a poor neighborhood doesn't really help other than to make us feel good.


Just like all progressives they talk shit but really do nothing. We surely didn't have any black NFL players join us in support of Sand Branch TX who has been denied clean drinking water for over 30 yrs by a progressive Dallas County Commissioners Court, a poor slave community formed in 1887 they are being run out of existence. How about moving the Dallas Cowboys headquarters to South Dallas instead of Frisco? Wouldn't that have been a shot in the arm for a neighborhood in decline. The NFL is a bull shit show and not what it once was, understand its a corporation full of greed, no better than our politicians..


We surely haven't seen any of the football primadonas leading protest in Baltimore, Ferguson Mo., Dallas, Georgia or anyplace else. our suggestion to them is get off you asses and to the front lines and help make these protests mean something other than fanning the flames of hate against all police. So they protestant social injustice toward blacks. Let us point out social injustice was invented by progressive democrats who was and still is the party of slavery. They need individuals like kaepernick to see themselves as victims and spread the word true or not.


Let us wrap up by saying these folks a are not important as they think they are. We can surely respond by effecting their bottom lines. We do have other choices than to be insulted each Sunday while drinking a $5 soda and $8 dollar beer. They priced many of us out years ago, with no end in sight.

Years ago my family would do a Sunday drive, just get in the car and go. Today there are more places than ever to visit, eat & play. Just maybe we shouldn't be so wrapped up in a league that sees us as suckers, just maybe we should not put them on a pedestal so high it skews our values as Americans and human beings, most of all prevent them from indoctrinating the youth of this county to see themselves as victims.

Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride Biker Bear Presentation from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.



Veterans like us Bikers who participated in 911 events like the Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride in particular should speak out loud and clear they have a right to be stupid because of our sacrifices. I'll take riding my iron horse any day to spending my money on football. Lets start a new trend, buy a bike join a club and learn what brotherhood is all about.