There are three insights which should give you the means to determine who is right and who is wrong concerning climate change.

The first insight:  The reason climate change is so confusing is because there are people who stand to profit by making it confusing.

The second insight: When it comes to scientific inquiry, scientists first look at the facts and then decide what conclusion follows as a consequence.  When it comes to government, politicians first decide what conclusion they want to reach and then search for the “facts” to support it.

The third insight:  If a lie is repeated often enough, people will come to believe it.

The politics of global warming began in the 1970s when Great Britain’s Margaret Thatcher sought to make her country less dependent on oil from the Middle East and from strikes by coal miners, and to promote clean nuclear energy instead.  So she told the Royal Society that government money was available if scientists could show that emissions from burning coal and oil were responsible for global warming.  This was the origin of the global warming agenda.

Thatcher’s efforts were the basis for the formation of an international body called the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) under the auspices of the United Nations, which came out with the first big report that predicted disaster as the result of global warming.  This report totally ignored all climate science up to that time.

Since the Left was unable to make a valid case for socialism with the collapse of the Soviet Union, they adopted environmentalism as their new means of waging war on capitalism.  By claiming that carbon dioxide produced by industry was responsible for global warming, they now had the means to attack capitalism and economic development and redistribute wealth through cap and trade legislation, with the wealthy nations forced to buy carbon credits to pollute from the poorer countries.

So as you can see, international governmental bodies were formed and billions of dollars were made available for scientific research to “prove” global warming.  Now that the jobs of thousands of scientists and bureaucrats were dependent on maintaining the hoax that global warming was caused by man, anyone who questioned this fraud was attacked and vilified.

Environmentalists would have us believe that climate change is caused by man, specifically by carbon dioxide given off by industrial society.  However, each year volcanoes produce more carbon dioxide than all the pollution caused by man.  The ocean is the biggest source of carbon dioxide, emitting carbon dioxide when it is warm and absorbing carbon dioxide when it is cool.  Moreover, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, since plants need carbon dioxide to live.  Increased carbon dioxide simply means more abundant plant growth.

In his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore displayed a graph which showed a correlation between the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the temperature.  He claimed that an increase in carbon dioxide due to our industrial society was responsible for an increase in temperature.  However, since Al Gore is a politician and not a scientist, he actually got it backwards, because his graph actually indicates that it is an increase in temperature that causes an increase in carbon dioxide.  In fact, the temperature leads carbon dioxide by 800 years, as verified by ice core samples.  This proves that man is not responsible for global warming, and that global warming is propaganda, not science.

Why is there a time lag of hundreds of years between temperature and carbon dioxide?  It is because the oceans are so big and so deep that they take literally hundreds of years to warm up and cool down.  This time lag means that the ocean has a memory of past events.  So if someone today measures a change in the temperature of the ocean, it might have been caused hundreds of years ago and its effects are only now being seen.

In past history, carbon dioxide has never driver climate change.  In fact, sometimes when carbon dioxide goes up, temperature goes down.  Since the mid-19th century, the earth’s temperature has risen by just more than half a degree Celsius.  But this warming began long before cars and planes were invented.  After 1940, during the post war economic boom when industrial development soured and carbon dioxide went up, temperature should have shot up, but it didn’t.  Instead, the temperature fell for four decades.  It wasn’t until the world economic recession in 1975 that the temperature stopped falling and started rising again.

Satellite data indicates that in the past seventeen years, there has been no global warming.  So the environmental movement has reverted to calling it climate change instead of global warming.

If carbon dioxide doesn’t drive the earth’s climate, what does?  The answer is--the sun.  Variations in solar activity drive changes in climate change.  Here’s how it works.

On the earth, temperature is controlled by cloud formation.  The more clouds, the cooler it is.  The less clouds, the hotter it is.  Clouds in turn are formed when water droplets condense around cosmic ray particles coming from space.

Solar flares, which increase or decrease with sunspot activity, cause particles to be ejected from the sun.  When this “solar wind” nears the earth, it blows the cosmic ray particles away from the vicinity of the earth.  This means that fewer cosmic ray particles get through the earth’s atmosphere, which results in less cloud formation and an increase in the earth’s temperature.

Thus the earth’s temperature is controlled by the clouds, which are controlled by cosmic ray particles, whose intensity is controlled by solar flare activity on the sun.

Now what about those evil greenhouse gases?  They trap the heat from the sun in the earth’s troposphere, making all life on the earth possible.  Furthermore, 95% of greenhouse gases are simply water vapor.  Less than one percent is carbon dioxide, and far less of that amount is produced by man.

The sun is a ball of fire over a million times larger than the earth, and has far more effect on climate change than any activity of man.

Environmentalists talk about the risks of using a technology which emits carbon dioxide, but they never talk about the benefits of having that technology.  Lack of technology in developing countries, such as electricity, causes great suffering, hardship, starvation, and even death.  Environmental groups oppose coal and oil, which are cheap sources of energy, and instead advocate solar and wind power.  However, these sources of energy are completely inadequate for developing countries and keep these countries in dire poverty.  Solar power cannot power a steel industrial plant or a railway.

Developing countries are told not to touch their riches—their minerals, coal, and oil.  However, this is suicide for developing countries.  The environmental movement has evolved into the strongest force there is for preventing development in developing countries.

More than 34,000 American scientists claim that there is no evidence that climate change is the result of gases released into the atmosphere by man.  Science has proved that solar activity on the Sun is the sole source of climate change, and that man’s contribution to global warming is non-existent in comparison.

By dealing in carbon credits, politicians such as Al Gore stand to make millions, if not billions of dollars through climate change legislation, leaving us and our children with higher taxes, more government control, higher utility bills, and less freedom.