BTRN: First of all if this scum bag was a biker he would already be in jail. But LE has a tendency to circle the wagons until the wheels fall off don't they.


You must ask yourself is there a pattern of abuse by law enforcement across this country. In an era of zero accountability we would have to say yes based on what we've seen over the years and the recent mass arrest of the innocent in Waco.


There seems to be a new kind of arrogance from our militarized police forces who actually thinks they can get away with lawless behavior. Criminals with badges, no better then the bad guys they arrest.


We pointed out in an article yesterday common sense tells us not to paint all police officers with a broad brush. Not all are criminals. We could use the recent Waco law enforcement's tactics of guilt by association, painting everyone of them as organized criminals, pedophiles and murderers. God knows there enough ammunition in the news to make that case.   





Maypearl Police Chief Kevin Coffey is the subject of a Texas Rangers investigation into allegations of solicitation of a minor.

Texas Rangers executed two search warrants at Coffey's residence and the Maypearl Police Department on Saturday in relation to the investigation of allegations made by a minor. The case is being investigated by the Texas Rangers and the Ellis County and District Attorney’s Office, with assistance from the Texas Attorney General’s Office Child Exploitation Unit. At this time, the investigation is ongoing.
In the search warrants, the parents of the minor met with a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper and told the trooper their daughter told them she felt Coffey was messaging and saying inappropriate things to her, and she felt his end goal was to have sex with her.

Forensic investigation of two cellphones obtained during the searches corroborate the allegations made by the minor, the search warrants state.

The parents stated Coffey drove to Abilene to retrieve the minor's cellphone from another person's impounded vehicle without their consent or a search warrant to search the cellphone. They advised Coffey kept the cellphone, would not return it and requested the password from the parents, the warrant states. The warrant also states the parents said Coffey told them he connected the girl's cellphone to his computer in an attempt to obtain information from it.

Coffey is alleged to have made sexual comments about the girl's body to her in person and contacted her on Facebook when she was 14 years old. The minor also told the trooper that Coffey would wait outside her house and stop her, and that Coffey has been talking with five other juvenile females through text messages and would stop them in the same manner, the warrant states.

Other allegations against Coffey include asking the minor to come by his office late at night about 2-3 a.m. and visiting her house in his patrol vehicle and personal vehicle to see her.

As of press time, no arrest has been made and the investigation remains ongoing.