First Day of 2018 (01/01/2018) at 24 degrees outside, at least the sun is shinning. 2018 the march for truth and justice for wrongly arrested Bikers continues in Waco Texas. It's the epicenter for everything that's wrong with our justice system. They've all but shredded the Constitution and the rights of the people. Its all perpetrated by men & women in suits, robes, degrees and title who think they are king and answer to no one.


The Tarrant County Sheriff said to me a few bad apples doesn't spoil the whole batch, Oh, indeed they can when strategically positioned to have each others backs. Law enforcement, the da, the courts, the media working in concert with a false narrative of their victims..... The People! 


​Truth doesn't come into the equation. 


Pretrials for the next victim of a DA gone mad with power is just days away. It's going to be interesting to see what course DA Abel Reyna takes. Will he be stubborn and sink the ship SS McLennan County by continuing to try to convict the innocent or change course in favor of someone who actually may have committed a crime.


Common sense tells us you steer to safe waters, but we're dealing with ego, ambition, corruption which makes men blind to such things as the Bill Of Rights and fairness demanded by our Constitution.


So fasten your seat belt, hang on to your handle bars, we see a wild ride ahead in the battle with an evil empire built upon a weak foundation made of corruption and falsehoods.



2018 Renew our strength, Lord. Fill us with your supernatural power to overcome each obstacle in our path. Lord, with you walking beside us, working through us, We can make it. Give us the resolve for the battles ahead....


In Jesus's name, Amen


Get Ready To Ride