Biker Trials Continue At Warp Speed 





It's kinda hard to figure just when the Holidays start for the minions in the courthouse, any courthouse? Seems as though in the McLennan County Courthouse the system designed on speed has come to a halt. Where's the jury it's time to go and "get some".

Abel Reyna has left the building hiding from media questions, sorry it's time to party and see who might still support me? Jarrett is learning to check for rounds in the chamber before he kills someone. 


So much for Judge Johnson's quest to speed it up he's no match for Christmas Parties of the rich, well connected and local Legends. It's time for office parties, food and copping a feel from political admirers. Oops! Cop a Feel, did I say that? I digress...


​It makes us wonder when they gather more than 3 at office or Christmas parties what they might be conspiring to do? Like Members of criminal organizations they, wear patches, robes, associate with each other, steal property. They are known to defy the Constitution the supreme law of the land for their own personal gain and power..



Congressman Joe Barton Hangs It Up or Out



Like we've said the only way to get these folks out of office is if they expose themselves on the internet, grope a young woman or boy and that's not a guarantee. Kelly Cannon (Arlington TX) delivers the final blow with Facebook posts from Barton. So far give her credit for getting rid of the red light camera's, the mayor and now Joe Barton.


But we must say Joe Barton is a victim, yep, a victim of his own arrogance, a victim of his own title, a system designed to protect party elites not the people, a system designed to create political empires for the rich and well connected that had the wherewithal to win an election. 


When we allow them to stay in office decade after decade they become predators, understand there are different kinds of predictors, not just sexual, greed, fame, power, self-gratification. Joe had the "Look At Me" syndrome, but that's another story..


Joe Barton (good ole boy) is a victim of a system he helped create over 30 years..


Toy Run - Lets Roll

Every weekend right up until Christmas Day there are Biker Groups & Clubs all across Texas and the Nation are collecting toys, gifts, food for those in need. It's the time of year for giving and we do our part.


The child or family in need doesn't give a damned about the politics of local law enforcement and their need to interfere with a charitable event sponsored by "Any MC". Children do not understand 1%, they see packages, toys, bicycles, big shinny motorcycles and Bikers who care.


Law Enforcement claims it's a feel good thing. For that we plead guilty.. God Bless Bikers..


So Back Off


NFL -  No Football League



​Since the NFL decided their players could disrespect the whole country by taking a knee, holding hands, raised clinched fists fans have been to turning to other ways of entertaining themselves and loving it.


Depending on how you look at it there are more than enough reasons to be pissed. For us it's the support of the BLM, DNC, Antifa, you know the groups yelling kill the cops. For others it might be the disrespect shown to our Anthem, Veterans, the Troops, Our Country. The NFL leadership is a bunch or rich cowards afraid of their own employees who seek personal notoriety.  Most unable to explain their ever changing cause.


You get even more pissed when you find the Military paying the NFL to Honor them. Yep, all that patriotic flag waving is costing you & I $$$$.


Here's the deal a few years back we were putting on a large event, we looked for big names to come and speak to our political group. The cheapest big name speaker was 15K the most was 100K , I turned to our group and said I'm not paying that kind of money for someone to be a patriot and if they are a patriot they will speak from the heart for nothing.


Its kinda the same with the NFL charging to Honor the Troops.


Go To Hell NFL - Buy A Motorcycle Come Ride With Us 


"Find Respect"