Just Why Did The Words "School  Shooter" Not Set Off Alarms Within The FBI


See Something - Say Something




On Jan. 5, the FBI received a tip, phoned in to a West Virginia-based call center by an unidentified person described as being close to Cruz. In what the FBI has deemed a breech of protocol, the operator failed to assess the information provided as a credible threat despite the tipster’s detailed account of Cruz’s disturbed disposition and violent plans.


“If the protocol had been followed in this instance, the information provided in the tip should have been assessed as a threat to life by the call operator and then packaged in a report and routed to Miami for FBI handling there,” according to an FBI spokesperson. “They also should have reported the call to their supervisor.”


Florida Gov. Rick Scott called for the resignation of FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday afternoon after the agency issued an extraordinary apology for failing to act on a tip that Nikolas Cruz may have been planning a school shooting. The tip, made Jan. 5, also referenced Cruz’s erratic behavior and his affinity for guns and violence.

Forty days after an FBI phone operator failed to report the tip, Cruz, 19, entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, mowing down students and staff with an AR-15. Seventeen people died in Florida’s worst school shooting.

“An apology will never bring these 17 Floridians back to life or comfort the families who are in pain,” Scott said. “The FBI director needs to resign.”


TBR: It's time to reel some government agencies in. They've grown rich, fat and lazy off the tax payer's backs. They spend years chasing shit that's not a threat to the country. If your going to fire the top guy fire everyone down line in that field office. Had they acted they just might have saved 17 lives.


It's incredible our politicians have given government agencies billions of dollars to spy on us, using systems that they told us would help find terrorists and keep us safe. Just maybe they've come too dependent on digital surveillance than actual field work. The FBI in particular has been a day late and a dollar short when it comes to handling tips, whether it be from Russia or an American citizen, can you say Boston bombers? 


In this case billions of dollars were worthless when a simple phone call not passed up the line cost lives of children. 

The once glorious FBI is now F Troop, just more federal workers sucking us dry.


It's time we harden school security across the Nation no matter the cost. Just think congress gave former FBI director Robert Mueller 10 million dollars to continue  endless Russian investigations. That my friends is the FBI's MO, "endless investigations", ruining lives, property confiscations on top of that they've allowed themselves to become politicized. No wonder they've become dysfunctional.  


It's time we started taking care of our country and our children's futures. We too are heartbroken along with the citizens of Florida.


We suggest we quit Nation building abroad, cut or eliminate aid to foreign countries, streamline all government agencies, eliminate those that no longer do what they were designed to do, eliminate endless investigations that cost millions, eliminate swat teams for government agencies that are not Law enforcement such as the IRS, EPA and a host of others, stop welfare for illegal aliens, social security for illegal aliens, secure our borders, no more anchor babies, chain migration, no citizenship for those that came into the country illegally. Cut Congressional Budgets with civilian oversight. That would be just a start!


Cost saving measures we could implement to upgrade school security and save lives.


We're just sayin,