Already the progressives are trying circle the wagons around Bowe Bergdahl, saying 5 years in captivity is enough. We think maybe they should consider the families of soldiers who were killed trying to find the deserter. To top it off, there maybe more than the one's shown above because everyone was looking for him including Special Ops who in most cases don't reveal their missions. The fact is enemy activity and attacks increased as they went looking for him.


Its clear there are a lot of people that have egg on their face over this one, including the Commander In Chief who thought he was going to be the hero of "no man left behind". the fact is they don't really know the meaning or they would have sent help to the men who were pleading for help in Benghazi. They abandoned them. Obama's minions claimed Bergdahl served with Honor and that's another thing they wouldn't know about.


The question is are we going to let them get away with their habitual lies?