Baltimore DA Mosby
Baltimore DA Mosby
If I understand this right the prosecutor in Baltimore is in deep shit.

Earlier this month during Goodson's trial, Detective Dawnyell Taylor testified that she was given a script by prosecutors to read to the grand jury.

A Baltimore sheriff's major said in an affidavit that he signed off on prosecutors' charges but didn't have adequate details of the investigation.

The Defense asked for dismissals citing of wrongful prosecution.

All the officers have asked for more access to grand jury minutes and testimony and for hearings so they can prove to their court that their rights were violated.

A spokeswoman for Mosby has said she won't comment, citing a gag order in the Gray case.

"These defects occurred at both the District Court and Circuit Court levels and rise to a level which would violate the Officers' rights of due process secured by the United States Constitution..


Any Of This Shit Sound Familiar? 


Baltimore is chicken feed compared to 239 detained then 177 arrested denied due process and Constitutional Rights by the good ole boy system in Waco.


McLennan County DA Reyna has lied to the grand jury. He's slandered every club member in America.

Then there’s the issue of the vague charges and mass arrests:  innocent people were arrested, held for weeks, and publicly accused of heinous crimes, it’s a nightmare scenario for dozens of people, impacting their work, family and personal reputations

May 17th 2015 McLennan Country District Attorney Abel Reyna arrives at the Waco Convention Center and instructs police officials to detain all members of the Bandidos and Cossacks OMOs, as well as members of their support groups that were at Twin Peaks. All are to be booked under the charge of engaging in organized criminal activity.

On or about May 18, 2015, Chavez, aided by [unnamed other police officers], presented a criminal complaint (the “criminal complaint”) against...Clendennen to Justice of the Peace Walter H. "Pete" Peterson (Peterson)....The criminal complaint alleges that Plaintiff Matthew Alan Clendennen committed the capital offense of engaging in organized criminal activity.

It is believed that Peterson was chosen by Chavez, because he is a former Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper with no formal legal training (a dumb ass) identical criminal complaint used was used to justify the arrest of more than 100 individuals and only the names were charged in the various criminal complaints.

In affidavits to support the arrests of the bikers issued by Justice of the Peace W.H. “Pete” Peterson, Waco police Officer Manuel Chavez officially identifies everyone in custody as “members and associates of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and had no part in the violence that occurd outside in the parking lot.”

JP Peterson sets bail for the bikers arrested at Twin Peaks at $1 million each.


I'm just sayin its only when the law's Constitutional Rights that matter? 




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