4 Black young adults (not kids anymore) sit in jail after kidnapping a mentally challenge white young adult (18) and torturing him for 24-40 hrs. It remains to be seen if they are given a pass for what is truly a hate crime streamed live on Facebook. Maybe schools should be offering courses on black privilege?


The disturbing footage was live-streamed via Facebook by one of the perpetrators, a black female named Brittany Herring. Maybe we should ask Brittany if she thinks this is funny now?


We think this is the results of years of vivifying white people, white cops and now Donald Trump. A constant pounding by the media, politicians, political groups such as Black Lives Matter and more than likely friends and family.  


It could be these 4 people are future terrorist / cop killers in the making. Somehow they think because they inject white people, Trump supporter and Donald Trump it justifies their actions and a get out of jail free card is coming. 


Oops A New Sheriff IS Coming!


It's clear over the last 8 years there are groups that have been given a pass when it comes to hate crimes. The DOJ and the media has gone out of their way to turn their heads when minorities are the perpetrators of hate crimes. Even now they use the words alleged and appears, shit they were streaming it live!


Screw hate crimes, it's designed to make one side feel better, the law is the law no matter who you are, even the law. The crimes committed by these 4 individuals warrant a lengthy time in prison. People are sitting in prison right now for way less heinous crimes.


They made a choice, now it's time to be held accountable...


They are not kids!


​Note: As Bikers we know all about being vilified by the media and public officials with a constant drum beat of false information and innuendos. It's a powerful tool used by evil people.