Putins demands for entering a new grain deal is so revealing. He has accused the west of blackmail, what the hell are his demands if not blackmail? He's a dumbass.


Russia will "consider the possibility" of coming back to the Black Sea Grain Initiative only if its terms are fully implemented.


Not after this reveal!



Among the conditions Putin has voiced were the lifting of sanctions on Russian grain and fertiliser supplies to world markets, the connection of banks to SWIFT, and the end of "all restrictions".


He has also named the resumption of supplies of spare parts for agricultural machinery and "resolving the issue of freight and insurance for Russian ships" among the conditions.


In addition, Putin has said that the Tolyatti-Odesa ammonia pipeline "should be restored". He has added that "Russian assets related to agriculture" should be unblocked. Putin has claimed that these conditions are set out in Russia's Memorandum with the UN.

"If all these conditions are fulfilled, we will immediately come back to this agreement," Putin said.


We bet he will, the SOB said Russia was self sufficient, didn't need to be connected to the west banking system, would manufacture their own products. The truth is Russian manufactures very little. It has been for years outsourcing for superior western products that actually work. 


Putin was more than stupid for invading Ukraine, his country was rocking on, Russian have enjoyed freedoms that a generation has grown use to. Now it's in reverse going back to the days of Stalin. How much does it take to wake them up.



The truth is the war has not really come home to them, their cities are not being destroyed. It's business as usual for the average civillian, minorities are sent to the front lines, young men living in Moscow or ST Petersberg are not drafted into the army and sent to the front, don't want to disturb those communities. 


A generation of young men are being wiped out, while others escaped the madness to save their lives.  


We suggest that Ukraine go after russian oil and grain exports using Ukrainian manufactured missiles. ASAP. It's a fact Ukraine manufactured russian vehicles, parts and so on. They have know how...