Yesterday I brought up the idea that maybe our elected officials should stay in DC until the job is done. We don’t care how long it takes. This year, next year, stay there until you get it done. No summer recess, no holidays for you or your staffs, not even the janitors.

This is the way it was each time my company of 25 years started each new project. Like the B1B Bomber. We worked over four years nonstop to produce 100 planes, 7 days a week with mandatory overtime for 3 shifts. Unlike the aircraft industry the government doesn't have a contract with the people to get the work done. We have their word or sworn oath which isn't worth a damned.


I’m leaning toward going to Senator Cornyn’s office and telling him not to bother coming back to Texas until they get the job promised done.

I’m tired of watching their sorry ass game of gotcha between the two parties. It’s so bad I do not watch the news other than the weather and it sucks too, telling me what it feels like instead of the actual temperature.


Does anyone out there believe the CBO can really give reliable numbers on the cost of anything much less healthcare. It takes years to get a complicated bill through congress & the senate?  Like magic the CBO has it figured out in days.


The only thing reliable in DC is they will take care of themselves.

For decades, pompous assed Republicans & Democrats together have worked to deliver a failing healthcare system, a country unable to secure its borders, a dysfunctional selective judicial system, an aging infrastructure, a divided citizenry, a drug epidemic, an empire for themselves with laws for us and laws for them. I'm not finished there's more below. 

Its so bad I’m beginning to think I can do a better job. 


I’m not a lawyer. I have common sense and know right from wrong. Know how to balance my check book. I would not push the Constitution to the side, it is the supreme law of the land. I would do what’s right for the people and the State Of Texas.


That seems simple, yet look what comes out of DC. I’m tired of all talk and no action. Who gives a shit if The President tweets or his Son Donald Jr or was duped by a Russian lawyer during the campaign?

Me and millions of American citizens like me living on a fixed income are trying to survive the last round of bullshit that has come out of DC. Both Democrats & Republicans have delivered us a failing healthcare system, failing social security, a national debt beyond belief, high taxes, toll roads, high fuel costs, selective law enforcement, illegal immigrants, dreamers on a free ride, terrorism, border security, drug epidemic, politicized FBI CIA, militarized law enforcement,  police assassinations, lawlessness in the streets, Shadow Government, government to large, over regulation, bureaucratic terrorism, failing schools who indoctrinate not educate and the fake news that gives cover to it all.


Congressional Einstein  


You gonna sit there or stand up? We can do better than many of the Einsteins we see in the news. 

Popeye for Senator......Why Not? 



Imagine Me & Kid Rock On The Senate Floor