We just found out about another recent incident that happened at The Point in Lake Dallas. Sources tell us Lake Dallas police put out a text terminal message inviting local PD’s to come and “stir things up”, more than likely that came from the DPS not a Podunk Police Department, Lake Dallas PD and any others that join in is cover for any fuck ups by the DPS. People on the scene tell us 6-7 cops and state troopers came in to intimidate and threaten the owner with calling the TABC.


​R&G members left as a courtesy to the owner of the club. Understand there were no problems at this establishment. Everyone was enjoying their meals and having a few drinks or beers. No one called the police as far as we know, there was no reason to.  Pure harassment!


As far as we know there is no video. We're finding more info on that one. Understand the DPS is going to shit in their mess kit. We think it's already happened to a Texas City to be named at some point. It's something they did not want the public to know and we are finding it in public court documents.


They are violating the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens for even existing. It's not their job to stir things up, over hype with false reports, instigate mayhem / murder, threaten businesses when there is no probable cause to do so.


The DPS operates kind of like the radical left and the FBI, "the end justify's the means". They are clearly overstepping their bounds and so is Governor Abbott. The one thing they are not, is Constitutional Scholars, not even close, it's the last thing on their mind. 


Gullible Local law enforcement gets sucked in. Waco, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and now Lake Dallas PD just to name a few. It's our task to expose the corruption that exists in LE and the Courts who are lined with crooked DA's. Can you say Mclennan County?  




Take video it could mean money in your pocket. 



Update Copperas Cove TX:


The exact same type of harassment at a place called Trackside  in Copperas Cove two different times. Sept. 14th 2018 event by Silver Backs MC and Oct. 20th by another MC.  TX 8 Cove PD along with 4 to 6 DPS. The DPS and their CC side kicks hung around 6-8 hrs along with the local Police chief. Again we are searching for video 


Note: Same thing happened in Hamilton TX with Police Chief Keith Madison  ramrodding the effort. Of course he was an ex Fort Worth Police Officer.


If it looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck, it's a Duck. A pure campaign of harassed and illegal activities by the law..Meaning violating the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens for what they might wear and who they associate with...