I don't know if its really true that the Koch brothers have hatched a 75 million dollar Rubio plan to knock Donald Trump out of the lead. I have no doubt something is going on because I see Rubio ads every 10 minutes on TV. More than any other.


I don't know about you but I'm tired of politicians being bought and paid for by the Koch's or anyone else for that matter. Its bad enough the Clintons have stacked up 2 billion on Hilary's watch as secretary of state without anyone lifting an eyebrow.

The whole process has turned into a battle of millionaires and billionaires in either party. The republican & democrat establishments who doesn't give a damned about what the people think should have been term limited out of office years ago, lobbyist should be banned from contributing so the people have a voice.

Its more clear than ever a Constitutionalist hasn't a snow balls chance in hell without money, name recognition and the blessing of the establishment types who could care less about the Constitution.


​Its clear the fix is in on the democratic side when Hilary lost badly in New Hampshire yet walked away with half of the delegates and most superdelegates. 


RUBIO ESTABLISHMENT - KOCH BROS. GUY from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


Now comes the republican establishment to gang up on the front runner and throw Cruz under the bus in favor of Rubio who can't win Florida.


I will probably be undecided right up until I go to vote on Super Tuesday. But the more I hear of this kind of bull shit it makes me want to vote for the guy who can't be bought, the guy who is self funding his campaign, the guy who knows business, the guy who will bring us jobs and a guy that will build a wall and secure the borders...


​I remember when the politicians said we get it secure the borders first. Decades later we are still waiting, even after 9/11/2001...


​We've seen enough of politicians empire building, we've seen enough of corruption and outright deception. We've seen enough of laws & medical care for us and a separate set for them.


We've just plain had it...




Butch Moss


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