Mosul : It was 2014 when the Obama / Clinton trained Iraqi Army ran from isis, some of the American trained Army actually joined the opposition. Clearly our leadership hadn't a clue about what they were doing and ran from the battlefield early.


They allowed a new enemy to take over huge sections of Iraq, including oil fields. Now the Obama / Kerry administration struggles for over two years to take a single city back in Iraq, it's reported a all out offensive is ready just before the elections to take Mosul back. We must wonder how much this is costing the American tax payers since our number one plan has been paying cash trying to persuade evil people to cooperate, fight and like us. 


Thinking this will spur Hillary on to victory over Donald Trump.


But wait, while the panty wearing girl bicycle ridin Obama / Kerry plans this brilliant strategy in Iraq, things are falling apart in Syria. Assad / Putin are kicking but while we negotiate a fake treaty that Assad and Putin have no intentions of honoring. Not for long anyway. This administration is no match for skilled despots cooperating with each other. 


Donald Trump is right, we have stupid people negotiating our deals.


Kerry said on Friday he made "a little progress" in talks with Lavrov. The pair are exchanging proposals, diplomats said.

The issues at the heart of the current talks is a U.S. demand for Russia and Syria to ground their warplanes for seven days to allow aid to get to besieged communities and for opposition groups to separate from Nusra Front, diplomats said.

Syria's chief opposition coordinator Riad Hijab told reporters on Saturday that there was "no longer any use" for partial truces. "I know there is no Plan B and that is why we are demanding the U.S. to do something and let there be a Plan B," he said.


OMG, all we can do is whine about humanitarian issues to try and slow the war down. Prolonging wars is what our politicians do best. "Please", if we are not going to do what it takes to win when getting involved, then step away so it can be won by either side, so we are not destroying entire cities, countries and displacing millions of people. 



​Never has our country been so weak and disrespected. That falls in the laps of Obama - Hillary & Kerry who has set the world on fire. We saw it in President Obama's recent disrespect tour of Asia.


No one is listening, no one respects him and no one fears a line in the sand from this administration. Not even black voters.


We've all tuned them out.