First of all let us say Donald Trump just went wimpy on us when he chastised Pamela Gere for the Prophet Cartoon contest which is also a free speech conference.  All free speech including speech we may not care for is protected, especially political speech and political cartoons. At this point we've already seen enough wimpy out of a President to last a lifetime.


Terrorist Elton Simpson and his roommate from Pheonex AZ. clearly miscalculated the security for this event. AK47's with drum ammo clips were no match for the firepower present inside and outside the Caldwell Center building. Right now there are no reports on how they were taken down and really we don't need that information out there. We now have two terrorist dead dead dead. They're not going to heaven or get 72 brides, they're going to hell.


According to witnesses last night there were two dead and one in custody. This morning nothing has been said about anyone in custody. Reports were they jacked with the car and bodies that lay in the street for explosives all night.


Geller's event was probably a monetary flop barely covering cost of security alone. But the event was clearly a success to us when you take in the facts that it drew out ISIS terrorist. That was TBR's original plan when we ran the ISIS Job Fair spoof which was to be across the street in the parking lot of the Caldwell Center until Geller po-pooed the idea.


Now the FBI and other police organizations (Homeland Security not to be trusted) will have a wealth of new information thanks to the brave souls who attended along with Geller. The hunt is on. It'll be interesting to find out what these guys have been up to and who with. We know this much Terrorist Elton had already been on the radar until a judge got in the way. 


This is a wake call for everyone. #1. You must stand up for free speech or this continues out of control. #2. You must demand politicians not cower to the influence of muslims and money. #3. Slow down the building of Mosques which are hotbeds and havens for terrorists. #4. Colleges are breeding grounds for radicals of all types and nothing more than indoctrination centers. They are whores to foreign monies...


There are now calls from this president and progressives to un-arm our policeman. This attack proves that theory wrong, if our police aren't armed we will have to be in order to protect ourselves...


Just think these guys could have went to the nearest mall and had great success...WOW!



Wake Up America!