Nobody should be shocked by the Orlando attack. This is what jihadists had been planning to do after Paris, after Brussels. This isn’t to be called a tragedy, like a train being derailed.


This is part of the Global Jihadi strategy. It’s not an accident–it’s a war against America. And I have to ask my colleagues in the US Government to not call this attack a hate crime. Stop with the political correctness. It’s NOT a hate crime–it is part of an ideological military assault on the United States of America. We have arrested 101 persons on US soil since the ISIS Caliphate was declared. ISIS is here in America.





Clearly the media including fox news didn't really listen to DT's speech yesterday. he said lets put a temporary ban on muslims that are coming in from countries that support radical muslim extremist.  He did not say all muslims..


To hear Trumps Comments listen closely at about 5 mim mark...


GORKA:  No one should be shocked, no one should be surprised with the Orlando attack after the attacks in Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino. These are not huge, spectacular attacks like 9/11 but they are low-cost, very high-impact attacks that are bringing the war home to America. Since ISIS declared the Caliphate, the US has killed or arrested 103 ISIS-connected individuals in the US, including the Orlando murderer.


The war is here, the war is real and ISIS wishes to kill as many infidels as possible whether it is by direct command and control or by those who just sympathize with the ideology of jihad. If a person has tuberculosis and the doctor says it’s a cold and give the person some aspirin, the person will die from the misdiagnosis.


If the Obama administration persists in misdiagnosing the threat, if they say that terrorism is the result of poverty or lack of education or easy access to guns, Americans will continue to die on American streets, in America restaurants, in American offices. The fact is this is a globally dispersed, jihadist ideology. It is a form of religious totalitarianism and if we can’t talk about it truthfully and honestly, we will continue the last 15 years of ‘wack-a-mole’ and Americans will not be safe on American soil.