Almost 3 years ago the MC world was stunned by what went down in Waco May 17th 2015 and the fact it all went down at a COCI meeting which has been meeting peacefully for about 20 yrs.. In the history of Motorcycling has there ever been anything like this? The fact is the MC community was stunned along with the rest of the nation. How does it get to this stage? It was the behavior of Law Enforce before and after the event that got our attention in the early days of the LE narrative..

The fantastic stories, lies, arrests of the innocent all within hours gave us a hint of things to come. It was going to get worse for everyone before it got better, never did we think 3 years later. It didn't take long for a small group, Sons Of Liberty Riders MC to realize that the Bikers arrested were facing a system designed to circumvent the Constitutional Rights of not only Bikers but anyone that caught in their web. It was a machine thriving and having its way using every mechanism that makes our Law and Court systems corrupt, for profit jails, asset forfeitures, excessive bail bonds and OPO's Outlaw Public Officials. Its sad to think there are people and organizations that would profit incarcerating the innocent, along with the guilty.


Everyone in Law Enforcement  and the Courts was in on the Narrative pushed by the DA's Office.


The former Police Chief made a fatal political mistake early on by turning over what should have been a police department investigation over to the DA Abel Reyna and his clan of unskilled investigators.


One thing for sure the comments by Sgt Swanton and others told us they didn't know what in the hell they were talking about in 90% of their comments, maybe higher. Because the machine had the entire county in fear of the local law and brain washed in the Six Shooter Junction myth we feared no one would listen to our pleas unless there was a constant beat to fight the narrative.  

Although we weren't the first to appear on the McLennan County Courthouse we decided this was the method we would use for the constant beat. It didn't take long before we figured out this would not be won in the courts but in the political arena.


Sgt Swanton was a tune up for things to come. The goal there was anyone but him. Sgt Swanton was not only a bad candidate, he believed his lies which makes him dangerous to the people and our Constitution. In the end it was more important what he didn't say during his campaign. We're not telling. He had his 15 minutes of fame now he's still in his old job he's been stuck in for years.

What we see happening now (mass dismissals) could be different if Abel Reyna had used a different strategy. There are many that can thank their lucky stars he choose to go after a single Club instead of guilty parties. Lets thank the FBI, DPS for the shoddy work leading Mr Reyna's ego in the wrong direction.


It would have made Abel Reyna very difficult to defeat in the primaries. We're sure he's regretting it now. The longer Abel Reyna drug things out the better for our strategy that we've used 3 times to knock incumbents out of office. Anyone that's heard Popeye speak knows how incredibly hard it is to do. Multiple things must fall into place for us to win and we had a good start although they had no clue.

In The early months our targets were not Law Enforcement, they had become a ridiculous side show. Our targets were the media who took the LE narrative hook line & sinker without a proper investigation of the facts. The goal being to make contact and get them to question what they were being told. First to do so was the AP who questioned the weapons count of 1000. It's the producer and executives that tell reporters what makes it into a report and on to the news.  At first we worried the public would not hear the truth, so we gave reporters on scene an education in reality as we k new it vs the narrative.


To Be Continued Part II