I made this video after hearing Obama had commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence at first I was pissed, wouldn't you know it would be a he she. Then I heard Senator Paul Ryan's comments, who's going to be held accountable for these treasonous acts? This got me to thinking which is a dangerous thing. We are surrounded by those who would or have committed treason on a daily basis with leaks, lies and innuendo. politicians house and senate, CIA, FBI, DEA, DHS, IRS, main stream media DNC, congressional black caucus, Hillary, McCain, McConnell, Graham, you name it.
Then I realized that #1 will be leaving the White House on Friday with pay and protection not afforded the rest of our society. It's called aiding and abetting the enemy.
1) A reported 11 Billion dollars, 450 million in cash we know of released to Iran with nothing in return but empty promises, Iran is on it's way to nukes. Iran #1 in killing and maiming our troops, money, supply, training to terrorists.
2) 1.5 billion to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt pissed away.
​3) Released 100's of GITMO detainees back to the battle field where they at the very least will recruit.
4) Left the battlefield early that resulted in a newer and larger threat ISIS that spreads to Europe.
5) Taliban has now reconstituted itself in Afghanistan and threatens a weak government.
6) Killed Libyan Leader Gadaffi who was fighting ISIS and holding them at bay.
7) Failed to send aid to Ambassador and troops in Benghazi 
8) Lied about a video to mislead country
9) Telegraphed intentions to the enemy
10) 86% of wounded troops under his watch due to strict rules of engagement that gave the enemy the upper hand.
11) 6,845 Americans Died and 900,000 have reported to the VA with every sort of injury from the  Iraq and Afghanistan.wars, the majority on Obama's watch.
12) Throwing tax payer cash to buy the enemy off, fail, fail, fail..
13) Last but not least importing potential muslim terrorist into the country from Syria and other countries who have had a history of aiding and abetting terrorist with zero vetting.
I don't know what more the congress, the DOJ, FBI, CIA needed?
I'm just sayin, who do we trust? We are surrounded!!!