Cassie Gotro: A recording of Chris Lindsey, a lawyer for the Attorney General of the State of Texas discussing the hiding of evidence during the Jake Carrizal speaks volumes about our Law Enforcement and Judicial system here in Texas. 


It seems as though we have a turf war when it comes to evidence and who played what roll leading up to Twinn Peaks and after. It seems to us there needs to be an investigation, a real investigation of our entire Texas judicial system including the Office Of Texas Attorney General who's played a big part in concealing the behavior of the DPS and other agencies. . 


​The deck is stacked against any defendant no matter what the accusation might be. The people of Texas expect and deserve fair trials, the right of discovery and the right to "face" his or her accusers in court for instance. Instead it's turned into one big game of hide and seek by the system.


The people have discovered Law Enforcement & the Judicial system are as crooked as any gangster organizations might be. The difference is they hide behind made up laws and badges. Defying the God Given Rights of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.


It's time to break up the monopoly of the Good Ole Boy System, We're Just Sayin...Maybe a ride on the Attorney General's Office ..


Next Up Scooter Bergman Jan 5th 2018


Subpoenas​Good Lord did you know a defendant at Twinn Peaks Trials are charged $85.00 a pop for subpoenas. Makes us wonder if the DA's Office pays the same fee?  Just askin? 




Terror Attack NY:  ​Another attempted terror attack in NYC subway. All the talking heads are out telling how good they are. Example, apparently the suicide bomber device didn't fully detonate, he's still alive and a few folks near by suffering from the concussion of the explosion. The talking heads are sayin how the magnificent NYPD Officers brought him down..  Wait a minute, wait a minute, the guy just set off a suicide bomb people close by were injured, what kind of shape was this guy in to be fighting anyone much less a herd of cops? We're just askin, get real..



But it's still early ...


Tattle Tales You Knew It Was Going To Happen: 


 The same women that that claimed sexual harassment during Donald Trumps campaign are coming back for a second try and on the heals of a wave of sexual misconduct by politicians and media moguls. The biggest problem of these accusations is the length of time they've stood by and said nothing.  


If the people of Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, California want to elect perverts and crooks that's their choice. State Sovereignty. We fought one war over that shit.


​The Loony Left Will Scream Impeach!


The first thing we should look at is not the accusation itself, the agenda of the individuals bringing it forward and those behind them.


Just who are they?