Over the years I've been to countless Candidates Forums. I don't think I've seen that many news media types for a County wide office in some time. But with all the controversy swirling around  Abel Reyna in a rural county this would be big news.


Let me set the stage, Abel Reyna shows up in this big black suburban with blacked out windows. Much like a congressman tools around in (shades of Joe Barton). He's wearing an expensive suit, white shirt & tie that covers up his whole neck, walks into the Texas Ranger Museum conference room and begins to work what crowd has arrived. He swoons around the room "Look at me, Look at me". 


Republican or Democrat  when it's the party puttin on the event who's who always shows up. If nothing more than being seen by the little old ladies that have the power to make or break them. Notables in the room were Abel's daddy, his former law partner Judge Johnson, the high Sheriff Parnell McNamara and as always people with money that have influence over the candidates. 


Let me point out any office holder, especially a DA should be a person with high morals, integrity and loyal to the Oath they take. If they are not they are no better than the criminals they seek to jail. 



Barry Johnson came out swinging pointing out the financial liabilities facing McLennan County for Abel Reyna's actions, how an unskilled prosecutor took over an investigation from experts within WPD.


Mr Johnson also pointed out his actions were for personal ambitions nothing else. His actions reflected 3rd world type arrests and prosecutions, in this country we have Constitutional protections. We still have 154 cases pending after cherry picking his first case and a million dollars spent. Now he stalls. 


Mr Johnson also brought up the on going FBI investigation of corruption within the DA's office. Sworn testimony of former staff within the DA's office. 


Maybe the crème de la crème was when Mr Johnson pointed out Abel had actually  prosecuted 7 cases in seven year as DA, he hasn't been in the court room much and it showed during the Carrizal trial.  


Note: I've spoke before groups like this many times over the years. As I get ready to speak I scan the audience. Gray heads tells me to speak up. Many times during this debate Abel Reyna could barely be heard, actually kind of mousy like. If there was a point it was not heard by me or many others. 


Of course the Organizers did not allow any questions from the audience. But I felt the trap question of the day was does Barry Johnson believed the Bandidos are a criminal street gang? Mr Johnson answered that question without hesitation and with skill. 


Abel Reyna:   Abel Reyna started out by pointing out all of the programs and things he's done to save the tax payers money. At least 1 of those programs designed to steer non violent criminals away from the criminal justice system is susceptible to corruption by the DA's office.


Then he tried to vilify Barry Johnson as the Bikers guy. Completely ignoring that before Twinn Peaks he "Abel Reyna" also was their guy. He would possibly still be their guy if he had not injected himself into the investigation process and fell into the trap of the DPS & FBI.


He went on to describe Mr Johnson as a personal trial lawyer who did not understand the inner workings of the DA's Office.


Reyna called the people who have brought charges of corruption within his office liars. Bla Bla Bla. “I expect (Johnson) to say that,” Reyna said. “Why? That is the gang member bikers’ rhetoric.


What? Bikers rhetoric who said that? 


Of course he attacked Mr Johnson for a career outside of Waco, pointing out he was born and raised in Waco, never far from daddy, daddy's law firm, their law partners and finally judges all slapping each other on the back with behind the scenes maneuvering. Nowhere was it more prevalent than making sure Carrizal was 1st to be tried.


Reyna was pretty slick when he identified the Waco Tribune as "Fake News", a term Republicans love to hear. But until the so called Fake News saw the wheels falling off during the Carrizal trail and brought up the FBI investigations, Abel Reyna had no problem as long as they were giving cover to the false narrative of the DA's Office, the Waco PD, DPS, FBI. Then we were calling them Fake News.


Pointing directly at Johnson Reyna added: "These bikers are coming after us and what are we going to do? We're going give them (Johnson)? Because then if we do we might as well give them the key to the city.”


We have news for Abel Reyna there were no Bikers coming after you, the law or the citizens of McLennan County. Not on May 17th 2015, not in January 2018. It was a lie then as it is today. You are simply unfit for office because of your actions.  


​Reyna proudly announced Waco has not had a single problem with Bikers since Twinn Peaks. He's also cost people their jobs, their homes, their children heartache across McLennan County and Texas. 


Non of it had to happen if Law Enforcement acted to prevent instead of ambush. 


Questions That Should Have Been Asked:


Just when is Abel Reyna going to try someone guilty of a crime? 


Who's next and will it be before the March 6th primaries?


Will Abel Reyna be present for any trails before the primaries?


Do you deserve any responsibility in the loss of the first trial?


How Many Weapons Were Actually Legal In Vehicles At TP?


At the end of the debate we look around, we understand how a high stakes game is played. Abel surrounded himself with his daddy and others from the corrupt courthouse whom we've identified before. Law partners, alumni, politicians.


In the end the Voters must decide who's the man with integrity, honesty above reproach, seeking an office to serve the people, not a stepping stone to somewhere else..


Is Barry Johnson The Bikers Guy?


Please understand, not long ago we were defending the rights of a lady to display her support for Donald Trump. Misfits came to destroy her property, threaten her life. We stopped it cold by just being there.


Regardless of how we dress, how we look, who we hang with, we're citizens too. We believe in our Constitution. We have the right to support who we think is the best man for the job, just as we did for Abel Reyna years ago. We feel has violated his oath in the worst possible fashion.