It's incredible that we know find the Biker community under assault by road vigilantes using the vehicles as an assault weapon. It was bad enough when a Waco Police officer swerved at one of our riders during the first Wave, now we are seeing something different and we believe its all due to the venom the Sgt Patty Swanton & company continues to spew toward bikers in general, that's unless he thinks the Bikers are vets and he's in front of potential voters. 


In a recent Project 22 Ride we have another incident where a vigilante motorist uses his vehicle to force his way into and around a group on their way to the event.





The video below shows another man 65 yo who gets out of his car after hitting a biker saying "I doesn't care", "the biker got stung", "he crossed the yellow line".


Like the Waco PD he because the judge, jury and executioner on the spot.


This would be the attitude of Sgt Swanton & company. The fact is they (WPD) do not care and they want everyone else in the country in the same boat. 


​There are morons around the country that takes every word the Law says literally without question.


Bikers please be aware this Holiday Season as you go about your charity events have at least one member of your group videoing at all times. Remember the law has decided our charity events are feel good events and not for the purpose of real Charity that comes from our hearts.. 


 When these events occur please do not assault them unless you feel they are going to assault you. Let that person be the aggressor but by all means get video and get it to groups like Texas Biker Radio...


Let's Roll