State of The Election: 


Whatever we do whatever happens we do not concede

The election has not been certified by a number of states

there are legal challenges pending


Biden Calls For Unity

How does this happen when we have rioting in the streets attacking businesses

How does this happen when progressives attack peaceful conservatives

How does this happen when progressive on CNN and other networks call for the eradication of conservative, patriots and trump supporters? 

Civil War Again

We do believe state sovereignty is now more important than ever.

State legislators and politicians should reject voting fraud and demand action or reject election night results from Nov 3rd 2020. Biden - Harris cannot be validated.

Reject - Resist - Bring Them Down   

Veterans 28 million strong

Conservative Patriots by the millions


1) CNN is on the brink as att is trying to sell - do not watch even to see what the enemy is saying attack their advertisers


Fox News do not watch - unsubscribe Fox Nation attack advertisers 


Same goes for msm networks 



Do not participate - watch - attack advertisers 

Attack Electric Vehicle Sales

high priced golf carts

still requires fossil fuels to manufacture and charge

loss of manufacturing jobs

government subsidies which means higher taxes

Violence Just Around The Corner

with anfifa and the blm attacking peacefull trump supporters, attacking restaurants and businesses  11/14/20 it has already started.

On top of that we have news media encouraging attacks to the point

they are asking them to kill.  


What We Are Saying To You

be ready to protect yourself and family at all times.

resist - reject intimidation

as Obama said they bring a knife you bring a gun


Violence Does Solve Problems 

"Chris Kyle"