Oregon / California - Climate Change Or A Shift In Strategy?


He's not guilty until proven by a court of law:


Its amazing not a word in the msm news about Jeffrey Acord who was arrested for setting the middle lane of a highway on fire. Like many arsonist they like to stick around to see the effects of the crimes they commit. He wanted to be the hero and called in the fire he allegedly just set. Law enforcement had observed him earlier in the day walking around with a lighter supposedly looking for a camera that fell out of a back pack.



Did he spend hours setting a phoney alibi (looking for a camera)? Law enforcement wasn't buying his story from the get go. They arrested him and are investigating other fires he may have set, we're sure his phone is going to tell the tale. Just how busy has Jeffery been?


From King5.com: Acord is seen standing on the side of SR 167 in Puyallup and zooms in as flames rage from the median.

An off-duty Fife police officer saw the fire and Acord nearby and thought it was suspicious.

In the video, you hear Acord say he was walking along the highway looking for a camera that fell out of his backpack the day before while riding his motorcycle.

But Acord was arrested and booked on a charge of second-degree reckless burning.

“Ultimately it was determined is that they had probable cause to believe that gentleman had started that fire,” said Captain Jason Visnaw with Puyallup Police.


He was released on bail then arrested hours later for burglary of a gas station just blocks away. but wait that's not all, A second roadside fire incident this week, Washington State Patrol said another person is on his way to jail after allegedly lighting the grass at State Route 512 and State Route 7 in Parkland.

An observer witnessed the incident and alerted 911, according to the Washington State Patrol.


TBR: Wild fires on the west coast is nothing new, whats also not new is the lack of proper forest management. The kind of management that takes place in other dry parts of the country. The question must be asked. All these fires at once is not common, we know fires were set accidentally by individuals, but has our little arsonist within antifa / blm graduated from dumpster fires to forest fires? Only to blame it on climate change and Donald Trump. The answer to that question lies with the media and progressive politicians who are now using it as political talking points.  Chasing down arsonist who set forest fires are a lot harder than arsonist setting cities on fire. 


just sayin


Defunding Local Police - Bad Idea


Progressive lunatics around the country want to defund the police. Be careful what you ask for! Lest use Texas for example. Austin is defunding their police department, other progressive run cities like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth are probably soon to follow.


A couple of things are going to happen #1 Governor Abbott has already said the state will fund police in Austin and cities that follow this path #2 federal police will be incorporated into local police departments.


In simple terms a state run police force, backed up by the feds. Thats a new ball game. The useful idiots, antifa, blm, criminals and arsonists don't know whats heading towards them.


Get ready to witness more antifa types in the fetal position crying their eyes out because of arrests that stick, away from local prosecutors that put them back on the streets. George Soros will have wasted his money. 


The truth is the public will demand action even if it effects their personal freedoms. Everything we don't like now will be expanded and on steroids as the people will trade their freedoms for safety.  


Just the threat and the arrest of wealthy antifa members seems to be quelling the riots among antifa. The question is will the progressive democrats be able to reel in the rage they've started based on lies.


Which way is up? 

Sports Taking A Knee:


NFL elites like Roger Goodell says he's not worried about the backlash from fans. Taking a knee and participating in the current socialist movement by blm and others. He claims it's a simple as finding a new audience for the NFL.


Just who that might be? The blm, antifa, the poor people who can't afford their over priced crap anyway. It was obvious the last decade many fans are priced out, tailgating watching the game outside was a better option. Paying over priced tickets, beer and food has gone beyond the family budget for the average joe and jane.


Highway Sounds Fun

So now the NFL, NBA and others want to pile on to all the negatives of professional sports. My way or the highway and many people are taking them up on highway. I certainly have not missed football which I quit watching last year because of the same shit. 


"We have the power" to stop it in it's tracks this year. Do Not attend games, watch games, buy over priced merchandise,  don't buy their products advertised during games, don't watch espn. Most of all let them know.


We watch sports to be entertained, not to be lectured to by people who has had every opportunity because of athletic abilities, many are rich beyond belief, not because they are smarter than the people of this country because they are not.


We know what we see. There is no systemic racism in America. 


Its a fabricated by using bad actors within police departments to push a narrative. Its the same tactics we've seen again and again by government entities and the media. As Bikers we know about false narratives and the damage that can be done. Its incredible our country is being ripped apart based on outright lies and innuendos by people that should no better.


Lets F*** Em Up