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A Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division Investigative Report  titled “Bandidos/Cossacks” written by DPS agent Christopher Frost the day after the Twin Peaks Massacre seems to provide the basis for what will be the eventual prosecution of some number of people Waco prosectutors have connected to the incident.

The report is not necessarily an accurate description of what occurred. Rather it serves the same function as Reports of Investigation written by federal police forces. It is full of assertions that magically become “evidence” by being written down. Like most of these documents it is at least as interesting for what it does not say as for what it does say.

Frost is assigned to the Waco office of the Texas DPS. The report is about 2,100 words long. It is unusually long for a police report and it is carefully worded which, together with standard techniques of internal literary analysis, betrays that the document has gone though multiple drafts. Much of it appears to have been written before May 17. It was “approved by DPS “Lieutenant Steven Schwartz” Schwartz testified for the prosecution at multiple examining trials held for Waco defendants. Both Frost and Schwartz were at the Twin Peaks during the shooting.

The Report

According to Frost and Schwartz, “in late March 2015,” Texas DPS agents “learned of an incident that occurred on March 22, 2015 on Interstate 35 in the City of Lorena.” Lorena is about five miles south of Waco. “At about 3:15 P.M. on March 22, 2015 the Lorena Police Department was dispatched to Interstate 35 southbound lanes near the 323 milepost to a fight in progress.”

Witnesses told police “that a blue Ford pickup, a green Nissan Titan and a white Dodge pickup forced a male subject on a motorcycle against the inside barrier wall and to a stop. Eight to ten male subjects exited the vehicles and began assaulting the male with a chain, a baton, and possibly a pipe. The male motorcycle rider was later identified as (Rolando Campos) a member of the Bandido (sic) Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG).”

Police told the DPS that members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club carried out the assault and that “the Bandido OMG and Cossacks MC were at odds due to the Cossacks wearing the bottom ‘Texas’ rocker on the back lower portion of their jackets.” Frost then editorializes that “the Cossacks MC is known to be involved in criminal activity, including but not limited to, narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking, assault, extortion and murder.”

The Lorena Police

The Lorena Police Department has been mentioned frequently in official and unofficial evidence about the Twin Peaks Massacre.

According to Frost, the DPS first learned from the Lorena police “that the normal Coalition of Clubs (COC) meeting that usually is held in Austin was suddenly changed to the Waco Twin Peaks Restaurant located at 4671 South Jack Kultgen Expressway in Waco for May 17, 2015.” A Lorena policeman “explained that the COC is run by the Bandido (sic) OMG.” Lorena police told the DPS “that the COC is where other motorcycle clubs are required to join and pay dues to the Bandido (sic) OMG to be able to operate in Texas.” The Lorena police, “felt like the change of the meeting location was purposely done to show support for the Bandido (sic) OMG in the Waco area to the Cossacks MC.” 


TBR: Who the hell is the Lorena Police and when the hell did they become an OMG authority? First of all no club is required to join or pay the TCOCI dues. Clubs can come and go and they do. The above statements shows ignorance on the law enforcement's part, "they felt like" which means they had no clue, guess work?

“The following week” Texas DPS agents began to collaborate with the Waco PD about the forthcoming Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting six weeks in the future. Waco’s gang intelligence detective had heard the same thing – that the COCI was coming to Waco.


TBR: More guess work, intelligence and WPD does not work

“On April 16, 2015,” the DPS in Waco was informed by Waco police “that the Bandidos OMG was enroute (sic) to Legends Cycles located at 3201 Interstate 35 Frontage Road in Waco to confront the owner which is also the President of the local chapter of Cossacks MC.” DPS agents, including Frost, “responded to the area of Legends Cycles along with marked and unmarked Waco Police Department units. Special Agents and Officers conducted surveillance of the area; however, no threats materialized.”


TBR: More than likely undercover was miss informed by CI's. Again guess work cause them to over react... At this point we think the pressure was building between LE units for something to happen.

“On April 16, 2015 at approximately 8:00 P.M., DPS Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Jeff Wachendorf observed forty to fifty members of the Cossack MC turning into the parking lot of Twin Peaks. Trooper Wachendorf notified the Waco Police Department and the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department who responded and began monitoring the area. No known disturbances occurred.”


​TBR: False reports, Innuendos, overreactions...

Frost Begins Researching

There was, however, a disturbance at the Twin Peaks on April 23 that “resulted in the arrest of a Cossack MC member for unlawfully possessing a handgun on a licensed premise. A bandana containing a padlock was also seized from the same individual during this arrest.”

Frost and other DPS agents “began researching the Coalition of Clubs meeting on May 17, 2015. Special Agent Frost located an internet domain name http://unitedclubsof In researching this website’s calendar of events, Special Agent Frost observed on May 17, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM a Region 1 Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting at Twin Peaks in Waco. This information corroborated that of (the) Lorena PD.”

“Special Agent Frost also observed that the website’s colors are that of red/yellow or gold which are consistent with that of the Bandido (sic) OMG. Special Agent Frost observed under the ‘Member Clubs’ link a laundry list of known motorcycle clubs with Bandido (sic) OMG being at the top. Special Agent Frost did not observe the Cossacks MC as being a member.”


BTR: Clearly agent Frost is clueless. There are a lot of clubs & independents that are not members of the TCOCI. This is some kind of research. Any fool could have went to the internet and see the meeting dates publicly along with contact information. Did he bother to see what United Clubs does?


“On May 1, 2015, a bulletin was released to law enforcement detailing the escalating tension between the Bandidos OMG and the Cossacks MC. This bulletin detailed the incident in the City of Lorena as well as others throughout the State. This information corroborated information being received by (Lorena gang investigator) Rogers and Special Agents. Detective Rogers spoke with a source of information who stated the Cossacks were planning to attend the Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting at Twin Peaks in Waco. The Cossacks planned to address the issues between the two clubs.”

The reference to a “source of information” in the Waco area with knowledge of what the Cossacks planned to do 15 days in the future is interesting. The Aging Rebel has been told the name of the SOI but has been unable to confirm it.

“On May 8, 2015, Special Agent Frost, Detective Rogers and DPS CID Lieutenant Steven Schwartz met to discuss the Confederation of Clubs meeting. During this meeting, Detective Rogers (of the Lorena police) advised that due to the rising tension between the two groups and the fact that information being received that both groups will be in attendance the Waco Police Department was planning on having a police presence in the area during the meeting on May 17, 2015 at Twin Peaks to deter criminal behavior.”

Study And Observe

“Lieutenant Schwartz and Special Agent Frost agreed that DPS CID Special Agents should also be in the area to conduct surveillance, gather intelligence and be able to readily respond in the event that the Waco Police Department needs assistance. It was also agreed that DPS CID Special Agents would request the assistance of the Texas Highway Patrol in performing routine patrol duties on the major roadways in the area such as Interstate 35.”

At a meeting “on May 14, 2015” Lorena, Texas gang expert Rogers, who was apparently handling an SOI inside the Cossacks, “advised that the Waco Police Department would have marked patrol units consisting of two officers each in the parking lot and around the Twin Peaks area. These officers would be Waco Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics officers. Detective Rogers further advised that the Waco Police Department Street Crimes Unit would be in the area working routine patrol duties in case assistance is needed.”

“Rogers explained that information was being obtained that someone rented Twin Peaks for this meeting. Detective Rogers explained that the Waco Police Department had attempted to contact Twin Peaks management on several occasions; however, has had little to no cooperation. Special Agent Frost agreed to attempt to contact someone in the Twin Peaks Corporate office in an attempt to gather that information.”

Final Planning

It was at that May 14 meeting that the DPS agents “decided that the use of the department’s drop camera would be beneficial to supplement Special Agents (sic) ability of physical surveillance.”

After the meeting concluded, “Special Agent Frost attempted to make contact with Twin Peaks CEO Randy Dewitt. CEO Dewitt did not answer and Special Agent Frost left a message explaining Special Agent Frost had some questions about Twin Peaks Waco upcoming event.” An hour later, “Frost received a phone call from Twin Peaks General Counsel. Special Agent Frost explained the Coalition of Clubs meeting that was expected to take place on 05-17-15 at Twin Peaks and Law Enforcement had concerns about some members of certain motorcycle gangs who may be attending. Special Agent Frosts’ question was if the entire establishment was to be rented out for this meeting. General Counsel explained that the Twin Peaks in Waco was owned by a franchise and that they would make contact with that franchise attorney to make contact with Special Agent Frost.” An hour after that, Waco Twin Peaks owner “Jay Patel called Special Agent Chris Frost and identified himself as the owner of Twin Peaks in Waco. Special Agent Frost explained to Patel that it was DPS CID’S understanding that there was to be a meeting of the Coalition of Clubs on 05-17-15 and asked Patel if the entire Twin Peaks establishment was rented out for this meeting. Patel explained to Special Agent Frost that the Coalition of Clubs had only rented out the patio area of Twin Peaks. Special Agent Frost explained to Patel that there was rising tension between two motorcycle gangs that could possibly both be in attendance at this meeting. Patel explained to Special Agent Frost that Patel was told to expect approximately four hundred (400) bikes and due to this Twin Peaks had hired three security guards. Special Agent Frost advised Patel to call Special Agent Frost if any threats are received or heard of by Twin Peaks.”

“Once information was confirmed that only the patio was rented and the main portion of the restaurant would be open to the public, a decision was made to have Special Agents working in undercover capacity to be inside the restaurant. These Special Agents would be inside the restaurant to conduct surveillance and gather intelligence from inside the restaurant. A CID Operational Plan was completed and will be maintained at the Waco DPS CID Office.”

May 17
“On the morning of 05-17-15 at approximately 7:00 A.M., Special Agent Frost deployed the DPS CID covert camera. The camera was placed in the public right-of-way and was positioned to capture the patio area of Twin Peaks.”

“On 05-17-15 at about 10:30 AM, Special Agent Frost drove by Twin Peaks parking lot and observed what appeared to be employee’s only at the restaurant. Special Agent Frost proceeded to the DPS CID briefing location which was the Flying J Truck Stop parking lot located at 2409 South New Road in Waco. Once at the Flying J, Special Agent Frost met with Special Agents Cory Ledbetter, Justin Overcast, Mark Gerik, Chris Dale and Lieutenant Schwartz. While in the parking lot, Special Agents observed a large number of unknown motorcycle club or OMG members walking around and through the parking lot conducting what appeared to be counter surveillance. Special Agents moved the briefing to another location.”

“During the briefing, surveillance observed a large group of Cossack members at Twin Peaks in and around the patio area. A decision was made during the briefing by Lieutenant Schwartz not to send undercover Special Agents into the restaurant. A decision was made for Special Agents to pair up to conduct surveillance of the area and gather intelligence. Special Agent Frost and Dale were in one vehicle with Lieutenant Schwartz, Special Agent Ledbetter and Overcast were paired and Special Agent Gerik and Detective Rogers were paired.”

“Special Agents entered the parking lot of the Central Texas Market Place and began monitoring Twin Peaks at around 11:40 A.M. on 05-17-15. At approximately 12:24 P.M. Special Agent Gerik reported gunshots from the parking lot of Twin Peaks. Special Agents responded and assisted the Waco Police Department in securing individuals, administering first aid and securing the perimeter around Twin Peaks.”



TBR: Good try Bozo! You were just there to observe and  collect intel with all these other agencies. The picture they're painting doesn't work. They clearly leave out the firepower gathered for an ambush. They are not as innocent as all of this sounds. 


So there is more video to come. It's incredible! All these suspicions, conjectures and undercover work. There's a lot of stuff left out here. #1 It was poor intel research at best. They left out confrontations by undercover agents embedded with the Cossacks, they left out the viist by WPD and the Cossack leader.


if they were so concerned about public safety which was not mentioned here, what was the plan? All this equipment and multiple agencies, Its clear they were hyped ready for something to happen (anything) and ready to kill.....You can figure out the rest of the story...


Not one attempt was made to the people that secured the Patio for the TCOCI meeting, which was a local club....