A Sons Of Liberty Riders MC Chapter Locally

It Could Happen


Interest Has Been Shown


The Wheels Are Turning



Riders in and around the McClennan & Bell County areas have asked about the possibility. Sons Of Liberty Riders MC definitely walks to a different drummer. Their Mission is to defend the Constitution and those who's Constitutional Rights have been violated. Sons Of Liberty Riders also works closely with US Defenders  on Motorcycle Safety issues in the Texas State Legislature. Sons Of Liberty Rider hosts an internet driven radio show called Texas Biker Radio


They do this through their own media sources, public protests and political activism. Waco is a prime example of judicial malpractice and violators of the supreme law of the land.


Right after innocent Bikers were arrested at Twinn Peaks they created a Facebook site called All For 1  which has 5000 members. They've also lead 6 Waves of protests to the McClennan County Court House, last was May 13th 2015.


​Current operations of Sons Of Liberty Riders MC:


Waco- McClennan County Continued Support Of Innocent Bikers. Get Involved In The Next Election Cycle Our Eye Is On Able Reyna.

Patrick Swanton Called Us Outsiders As He Lost His Bid To Become McClennan County Sheriff. We have him surrounded and Stuck In A Job He Is Fit For, LIAR!


Dallas - Sand Branch Texas An Old Slave Community Denied Clean Drinking Water For Over 30 Years.


Fort Worth - Homeless Vets March This Summer


Grapevine - 911 Memorial Ride " Never Forget" 


​Sons Of Liberty has a RC Chapter in Tennessee