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Seek The Truth and Un Abel Reyna from Texas Biker Radio .



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Popeye Takes On DPS 2017 Gang Assessment Report from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


Congress Shall Make No Law Abridging The Freedom Of Speech, Or Of The Press; Or The Right Of The People Peaceably To Assemble, And To Petition The Government For A Redress Of Grievances.



"Bikers Are The Last Free Spirits In America"


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Countdown To 2018 Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride






The 2017 Lets Roll 9-11 Memorial Ride (Texas Style) from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.



Thank You Dallas Harley Davidson

Host of the 2016 -2917

Let's Roll 911 Memorial Ride

Dallas Harley Davidson
Dallas Harley Davidson 


           2014 MR from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


There are those that would have us forget that 911 or the Boston bombings ever happened and who perpetrated the attacks. We are committed to make sure that never happens. The Let's Roll 911 Memorial Ride is in Honor of the 8 innocent children, 3000 victims who were going about their lives, first responders and troops who died on 911 and on the battlefield. 



Let's Roll

2017 5th Annual Let's Roll 911 Memorial Ride

In Honor of The Victims Of 911 - Boston - Benghazi - Fort Hood - Our Troops

Flights 93 - 11 -77 - 175

8 Children Lost their Lives on Flights 77 and 175


Let's Roll 911 Memorial Ride 2014 * from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


  The 8 Children Lost their Lives on Flights 77 and 175

Asia Cottom (age 11)
Rodney Dickens (age 11)
Bernard Curtis Brown II (age 11)
Zoe Falkenberg (age 8)
Dana Falkenberg (age 3)
Juliana Valentine McCourt (age 4)
David Reed Gamboa-Brandhorst (age 3)
Christine Lee Hanson (age 2)

Sons Of Liberty Riders Texas



2015 Bears 


There is good news, we checked with the Grapevine FD to see if the Teddy Bears we gave them from last yrs Let's Roll 911 Memorial Ride was actually used and whether the bears were a good idea?

Turns out all the Bears were distributed to children who were in distress from an illness or accident. What a great feeling it was to learn that our bears were admired for a week in the fire station before they put them in the ambulances as part of the equipment. We think our bears were preferred over those given by a major retailer.

So we now start planning for this years Let's Roll 911 Memorial Ride which will include Teddy Bears in the Names of the children who died on 911. For those of you who didn't experience it last year you can visit www.texasbikeradio.com and watch the video from last years ride. This year we plan to step I up a notch. Our planning is complete..

So Let’s Roll



With Jacket Sun Glasses and Bandanna

Donate A Biker Bear To A Child In Distress $38.00