My Birthplace Dallas Texas deserves a political ass whoopin. The more liberal Dallas becomes the more corrupt it becomes. City and County governments are best known for their behind the scene deals and cronyism. Such is the case when it comes to throwing people out of their homes using unscrupulous laws and codes… Dallas is no exception.

Who’s to say, what’s one man’s shack, is another man’s castle?

Like all government codes and regulations they are meant to control people and entire communities. The most vulnerable to an unscrupulous government are the poor and then the middle class living from paycheck to paycheck.

Dallas and Dallas County are fast becoming the #1 bullies in America in using Gestapo like tactics to move people off of their properties / homes the cheapest way possible. Behind it all is a payday for somebody in some way.

Throw them out!

Public federal desegregation funds intended for affordable homes in southern Dallas. It has been reported in a recent audit 30 Million federal dollars unaccounted for, nobody knows where it went. Certainly not Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson who should have been overseeing the distribution of funds.

30 Million Would have gone a long ways in helping solve the plight many Dallas residents find themselves in. but then again we are talking a corrupt system when it comes to government money. Dallas & Dallas County is known for the pay for play schemes behind closed doors. Remember Southport...

It could have helped


Sand Branch

#1. Sand Branch Tx

Which sits between Dallas & Seagoville. The citizens of this mostly minority community has been denied clean drinking water for over 30 years. Dallas County has been using an outdated FEMA 100 yr floodplain maps as an excuse to run people off of their properties.


Dallas County Commissioners court lead by butt buddies John W. Price & Mike Cantrell has been systematically destroying a peaceful neighborhood in what we view as unlawful county ordinances. Sand Branches water supply (well water) became contaminated shortly after the South Side Waste Water Treatment Plant became operational in the mid 80’s.


Waste Water treatment Plants "do not" produce potable water. The 2000 acre plant is a polluting machine in itself… Want a drink? 

The Truth About the county commissioners and Sand Branch is not known… We would suggest there will be a money trail…


Oack Cliff
Oack Cliff
#2. Oak Cliff

The City of Dallas are taking the initiative and claiming that five small houses on Clarendon drive, aren’t suitable enough for humans to live in. The city will seek a court order to strong-arm the residents who make these their homes out onto the streets. For the first time ever Dallas will decide that being homeless is a better solution than having a roof over your head.


When did the City of Dallas become GOD? 


Tent City Dallas
Tent City Dallas
#3. Tent City Dallas

The Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlins fits right in with the lunacy of it all. We quote, “the reason people are homeless is they do not have homes”. What they hell kind of statement is that?

May we suggest the #1 reason folk are homeless is the lack of jobs and the influx of illegal immigrants taking lower tier jobs available. It’s called cause and effect mayor. 

There are many reason folks find themselves homeless. No body strives to be without a roof over their heads at night. Some find themselves in dire straits financially through no fault of their own, some may have suffered an illness, some are mentally challenged and some just can’t conform to a society full of rules and regulations..

Whatever it might be there are no real plans to deals with it all. Its been described as a game of whack a mole, ya never know where the next is going to pop up? 

We drive past it all everyday on our busy highways. Listening to the radio, wondering what’s for dinner, what’s on TV? Taking everything in our lives for granite…

We watch the news see it all unfolding before our very eyes, poor people being bullied out of their homes by government gone mad full of greed and corruption. its easy to pick on the most vulnerable among us. 


Do you stand up say something? Or just do it all again the next day and let somebody else handle it?


Your too busy..




Brothers & Sisters Ride Safe.. 


Note: Opinions are my own and do not reflect TBR


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