20 Trillion In Debt
20 Trillion In Debt
Almost a week of lying and changing history is coming to an end. Bernie bots have left the building with waders on from all the bullshit speeches. Bernie himself left the democratic party returning back to being a communist independent, but not before selling out the Bernie bots that supported his campaign so passionately for the past year or more.. The empty Bernie bot seats are now being filed by paid spectators who will cheer with the rest of the fools that make whats left of the rigged democratic party.


Now Wikileaks has exposed the underbelly of the DNC and favors for sale for all to see. Lets say this the Russians didn't write or create what has been exposed. Once again their arrogance and lackadaisical attitudes about security shows they cannot be trusted to keep our nations secrets out of the hands of high schools students much less sophisticated meddling  governments..  


Its Not Bad Judgement Its Arrogance 
Hilary herself is subject to blackmail by inner circle members and government from around the world. Its up to you to not let the main stream medias Rosie pictures steer us toward a socialist utopia that does not exist.


Now the great self centered apologizer and ISIS organizer Obama is set to pass his 20 trillion dollar debt on down the line to Hillary who hasn't a clue about finance. "Oh Fu** Us"! Obama actually referred to himself 119 times during his speech.


The event itself is fake, there is nothing real other than the misguided protesters that breached the security fence surrounding Fort Hillary and the fact tha Hillary policies will wreak havoc on whats left our country.


If you don't have sense enough to see whats happening and not get caught up in the first woman president?,... get ready for the invasion to come.. collapse soon to follow.


thank God TMC has on old Joey Brown movies for some relief...