Iowa's disastrous democratic caucus shows democrats are not ready for prime time. They put their election app in the hands of the Clinton's along with the young people who created it. Like the Obamacare website it didn't work, clearly there wasn't an effort to test and test again. They never learn do they.


Meanwhile all the democratic presidential candidates hooked 'em to New Hampshire waiting the next disaster. They didn't have to wait long.


It was followed by followed the behavior of democrats during the State of the Union Address by President Trump which many are saying is the best ever. Nancy Pelosi in particular had a clown act behind the Presidents back that was more than despicable. She ripped up her copy of his speech. She ripped up a speech that dissed one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airman, the survival of a baby born at 21 weeks, parents of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller, a service mans reunion with family.


Nancy and the democratic party will own it forever and in November. It's not going to sit well with the people since they not done much at all in the past 3 years other than chase Trump with one accusation after the other...