Just Imagine the worst, Lt General Michael T. Flynn on fox news this morning said that terrorist are actually sending out messages suggesting killing children. 


In recent days we've seen multiple terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey, Minnesota the one constant is they were all soft targets, a mall. a fun run in New Jersey, a neighborhood street in New York, then overnight another pipe bomb found in a New Jersey train station.


​Because of the actions of our government we now find ourselves importing un-vetted immigrants, no one, no place, is safe. Our schools, our malls, our parks, our neighborhoods. Just think at one time we could leave our doors unlocked, our children could walk safely in their neighborhoods and parks. What the hell have we done to ourselves?


The media and political pundits are now saying get use to it, this is the new normal. The question should be, are we going to sit back and accept that as true?




Just a little over a week ago at our Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride & Service, Mel Moss Texas Biker Radio News host and President of Sons of Liberty Riders RC said these words "Not If - But When" the next terrorist attack comes. Common sense tells us we are on a path of self destruction lead there left winged politicians (like Hillary & Obama), aristocrats and corporations seeking a one world government that benefits them. One has to wonder do they not realize they will fall victim to their own plan of capital cronyism, greed and a new world order backed up by muslim jihadist who's intent is to take over the world? They too will be beheaded or convert. 


The perfect example is the EU bureaucrats who are living a life of luxury we can only imagine. They live and work in safe havens built especially for them the while their countries are now a living hell because of lax immigration polices and more than generous welfare systems. They are now overloaded and on the brink of collapse. All of Europe is in turmoil and will soon be in civil war with muslims. They had better find a way to arm themselves. Think, millions of immigrants with no visible means of support flooding a country who's already struggling and in debt.


Just this morning Hillary Clinton holds a fake news conference with planned questions and attempting to give cover to muslims. She was touting her success in dealing with jihad, with a plan for more of the same. If you see something say something is their battle cry. Its old and not bold.


Until we start going after the people that are preaching Jihad at home, abroad and in mosques there will be no end. If continued unchecked it will guarantee our children and grand children will be fighting for their lives in the streets of America.  


Hillary had her 3:am phone call from Benghazi and failed miserably. She refused the cry's for help Americans under attack, she will do the same for the whole country in favor of the muslim immigrant.


What path are we going to take on November 8th.. God Save Our Children..