It Took Us To Clean Up The Mess
For the most part all the Constitutional Violations of our Freedoms that we see today in the Motorcycle Club Community is the aftermath of Twinn Peaks. Rogue law enforcement agencies drunk with power and no common sense came to play a deadly game. They (LE) actually participated in what went down that day. Everybit of that episode did not need to happen at all. Yet they claimed to be heros. 


We came in and cleaned up that mess. 


It has had far reaching effects not only in Texas but across the Nation. The one thing not effected, even though law enforcement played a big part in the deaths of 9 Bikers and over 20 wounded is the lies and innuendos from the DPS / FBI in order to set a "narrative" in Texas / Nationwide.


It's given them unprecedented power with the gullible in the State Legislature and a Governor where laws are created that literally take away our Freedoms given to us by God and through our Constitution. Perfect example is CCP 61.02 and this video where the rider is told he's going to be put into a Gang Database. Because of what he's wearing and who he might associate with. Please understand there are no "guilt by association" laws, yet this officer is doing just that per the State Legislature. He has now become the judge, jury and executioner on the spot. Being put into a gang database can have far reaching effects on a person who is not a true criminal or real street gang member. 

Sons Of Liberty Riders MC Defenders Of The Constitution & those who've had their Constitutional Rights Violated has a strategy that we cannot expose with the exception of a few things public. Understand together we can move mountains. We did just that in Waco / McLennan County with everything in their favor to be successful. 


We certainly have what seems to be a mount everest in front of us now. But when your house is built with falsehoods and innuendos its sure to crumble under pressure. We'll know when we are there.


We have a multipronged strategy that includes you.


#1 participate in anyway you can even if it's just sharing.  

#2 Ride - Record - Report ..... Protect Yourself It's Your Right

#3 MC's Unite, we've seen it before.

#4 get to know your State & Federal Representatives

#5 Join your nearest Texas Defenders


It's a much harder and longer road without your help...