TBRN:   Get a drink & pop corn and watch this movie that might give you more insight on why the people in Great Britain voted to leave the EU.


Congrats to the people of Britain, in November America will find itself in a similar position. Whether to choose the path of the Globalist who want to control the world or restore the Nation of “by the People for the People”, One Nation under God.


People around the world especially working men & women have now recognized their governments have not been working for them. Heavy taxation, regulations, redistribution, cheap labor and open migration rules the day.


EU Headquarters Includes Pvt Shoppong Mall
EU Headquarters Includes Pvt Shoppong Mall

The media has covered up the massive bureaucratic system that comes with these Globalist Unions and trade blocks. The countries involved give up their sovereignty and the ability to rule themselves in their own country. There is no recall of those that have control of your country. The media has tried to cover up that once an immigrant in the EU got a work permit it required other EU member countries to honor and let them roam from country to country at will. Taking jobs and taking over entire communities. Setting up countries within a country with zero assimilation. But that's a small part of the overall problems, the EU is a money guzzling entity with zero accountability. Thousands of bureaucrats accountable to no one with all kinds of benefits, lavish expense accounts the ordinary citizen can not get or be a part of. Sound familiar? This is where the democratic party wants to take us.


They do fund projects who promote the EU like the arts...What they do is leave destruction of economies in their path..


The rich get richer with governments paving the way to Globalism. Corrupt in every way in favor of the rich, the well-connected and mega corporations. The ability for the entrepreneur, working man & woman has been reduced to nothing, jobs go to cheap labor imported by governments all across the globe…

Soon Briton will be able to pave its own way, get rid of the heavy taxation's and regulations of the EU. Soon they will have control of their borders without being dictated to by EU bureaucrats in Brussels…It kind of odd the Briton joined the EU anyway, it had been an independent Nation for a thousand years..

The EU is a heavy handed redistribution of wealth system, Briton was paying in way more than they were getting back. They burden of social services were leading them to collapse.


The Globalist are now coming unhinged touting racism as the reason for Britons exit from the EU. Not true! Britons got tired of un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels setting all the rules and regulations. its true their country was being overrun by immigrants with zero consideration given to the burden it was causing on the people. Even the Dali Lama said European countries should remain European countries with their cultures in place..


Now Joe Biden is in Ireland with a new round of America bashing, accusing everyone of racism that does not have the globalist view. If you go back over Joe's history you find one racist comment after the other, like when he said when he walked into a 7-11 and felt he needed an accent. Lets hope he and Obama keep going to Europe to lecture other EU countries and piss them off too.    

Bikers of the World Unite, take back your country from the globalist who seek to enrich themselves and control not only your country but everything you do..