The Minute a highway is blocked, property is damaged, someone is hurt or killed George Soros and the organization in its entirety should be arrested. Same goes for the Black Lives Matter leaderships as young lack people drag whites out of the vehicles and beat the hell out of them. This is clearly a hate crime yet our DOJ has a selective criteria which is blacks and muslims only can be victims of hate crimes.

Beware the term "peaceful transition" which has been spewed out of the mouths of Hillary Clinton and Barrck Obama in the last 24hrs. Realize communist never give up anything without a fight. Don't think they are done, they are vindictive and Obama's legacy is in ruins. What we are seeing now is a show on their part. Warn our leaders don't be gullible and sucked into the arms of evil and reach across the isle. Do what you said you would do, "Drain The Swamp! - End Corruption - Enforce The Law - Obey The Constitution - Build A Damned Wall"


If you have a LTC you has better be carrying it's not safe in public until the whiners get over it if they ever do. LE cannot protect you and in some cities won't!


 We don't know if a race war is looming but if there is we know who the instigators are. Project Veretas has showed us the instigators / operators have no problems hiring folks to incite violence. It's embedded in the progressive culture.


We have no problem with true peaceful protests we've staged and participated in many, but these protests are different there is reverse racism and hate in the air, fueled by people intent on creating hell, anarchy and whatever label you want to through out there. These people are being lead by the same people that have been participating in the corrupt government we just threw out. These Protest are bought and paid for..


We have had a peaceful revolution. The people have spoke through the ballot box George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barrck Obama,




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