This election is not so much about Trump & Hillary as it is about "We The People" vs the Progressive One World Government full of party elites, corporations, academia misfits and aristocratic do gooders who've never work a day in their lives.


Look to the EU to see the model. 


These people want to manage every aspect of our lives and our children's lives. They are lethal and will do anything to cover their agenda until its not necessary to do so. That will be when your children hand them the keys to the country. Indoctrinated by progressive educrats. 


They believe the Constitution is outdated and they and only they have all the answers. As we have witnessed they answer to no one and are accountable to nothing. Whatever they touch is corrupt to the core including the famous FBI.


For decades they've been killing the black community and now look to the Hispanic community and Muslims to keep them in power. Our children fight endless wars to enrich the wealthy. Wherever they go they leave death & destruction and eventually collapse. They feel invincible and are full of themselves. They can buy their way out.


If your a Veteran - Biker - Patriot - Join The  Brotherhood


This Saturday Trump Ride & Rally




In Support of Our Troops - Our Constitution - And Ones They Fear Most



This is not just a get out the vote for Trump it is also a protest for the Veterans for having to pay back their deployment bonus. Join us as the Texas Women's Coalition for Trump and Channel 8 will also be there. The Trump House in McKinney has become quite the spot.