Newest AP Report...

I have seen the video and evidence that the AP has. A few things are certain and clear from the evidence:

1) Independent witnesses have consistently said that the Cossacks pulled the 1st weapon and fired the 1st shot.

2) Cossacks are seen brandishing firearms 2 minutes before the 1st shot and are attempting to hide from security cameras.

3) No Bandido is seen on the video firing a weapon.

4) Multiple Cossacks are seen firing weapons...even at people on the ground.

5) Cossack (in a cold blooded fashion) came up to Jesus Rodriguez (Mohawk) while Mohawk was wrestling on the ground with a Cossack, kicked him in the head, and shot Mohawk in the face.

6) The same Cossack that shot Mohawk in the face, then walks calmly to the center of the brawl, and starts pointing his gun at people on the ground. He then drops to the ground (obviously shot).

7) 4 of the 9 dead were shot by police (all of which are Cossacks).

8) I believe that the police used appropriate force by shooting and killing the 4 Cossacks. The video is horrific, the Cossacks were killing everyone that they could, and the police likely saves numerous lives.