The children of this country will finish off what few Constitutional Rights we have left. They could care less that those inalienable rights that were given to us by God. You see they no longer turn to God they turn to government as the answer.


Why not? They've been indoctrinated by the best liberal teachers money can buy. Students are actually being punished for not participating in protest aimed at 2nd amendment rights. Children in today's class rooms have been taught to work off of pure emotion, not critical thought. They have been indoctrinated into the liberal train of thought the Constitution is an old and outdated document made by evil white men over 200 years ago.


They are ready and primed to turn over the keys to big government who they see as their savior. It's coming so get ready for it. Everything is gonna be free from health care to college tuition. Hell, Russia is nothing compared to what our own children are prepared to do to this country. Open borders, save the planet, muslim love ins and genuine hate for this country.


Free speech out the window for anyone that does not agree with them. Without thought they would do it to you in a minute. Liberals don't really have to do anything but wait. Those us who believe in the Constitution out, the kids are going to do it along with people not of this country seeking benefits (let the flood gates open).


Never let a good crises go to waste..

Democrats lost no time organizing them, with the help of teachers, entire school districts and the media, they are on the attack nationwide.


Anyone that gets in the way is vilified to no end and our politicians are on the run. The children have no clue that government has failed to stop the very thing they are protesting about. Emotions makes them susceptible to liberal domination. This is how f**ked up children have become nowadays.


The last thing we would have thought of is killing our classmates. Not Today, it seems we have no shortage of killers. Is it cause by poor parenting, movies, video games, processed foods, drugs pushed by doctors and schools, indoctrination filled with hate by public schools, mental illness, bullying or a combination of all of the above. Just who teaches children a blow job on the bus is not sex?


​Regardless of method mad men will find a way to kill. Knife, guns, automobiles, trucks, aircraft, bombs. Austin TX is finding this out now.


​Texans must be at the forefront in this battle not only for our Constitution but for the minds and futures of our children. Indoctrination must stop.