In Just A few Hours We Will Know if the voters in Mclennan County have decided to make a change in the DA's Office. It's in dire need of a new leader.

But regardless of what happen he remains a dangerous man not only to the remaining bikers facing the unknown of a lawless court system. The citizens of McLennan County as well. 


​He will have months left in his term to get back at everyone he feels crossed him. he'll blame everyone but himself. Vengeance will be the order of the day. For this reason we do not go away or let up we have a plan.


If he wins it's the same sanario for different reasons. He will have won because he made it past the corruption within his office. The people have his back no matter what. 


The DA's office is a starting point.


Thank you Abel Reyna for exposing it all, Waco PD, DPS, FBI and Sheriff Mac who knows where all the bodies are buried stood by and says nothing. Walking the party line. That's Just to name a few of many that work in concert to vilify, arrest, jail, try, convict on their word alone whether innocent or not..


Off Of One Man's Word Abel Reyna 



Voting Today


If your ballot was like mine it was loaded with one Judgeship after the other in all kinds of courts. As we found out with Twinn Peaks a JOP has powers he or she should never have.


Too many of us go to the polls not ready, don't feel bad it can be overwhelming. Do your best to be informed by getting involved.


To do less might invite the Russions to take over but even worse would allow the democrats to finish off the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 


I'm Just Sayin..