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Fort Worth TX

Part 1: Radio legendary Jim Parks Interviews 4 Vets Staying In a homeless shelter. The oldest is 76 years old and has been in the shelter 3 months. Which is the longest of anyone in this interview. All have some type of disability. Regardless of how they got to this point they are in need off help tailored to fit their particular needs.


Does the current system help or encourage helplessness? Texas Biker Radio News is looking for answers. 


The interview takes place at the Presbyterian Night Shelter Program (PNS) has ridged rules. If your lucky enough to get in the program it lasts 12 months. We're not sure anyone in this interview understands the concept of PNS or understands the full program. It all looks great on paper, but does it work? PNS is funded by the VA. 


Right now we are calling the Fort Worth homeless area a maze of misinformation that sends you from place to place in search of a bed for the night, out of the cold, rain, hail storms. Desperate men and women who seek safety within their ranks.


Many times the homeless and the shelters are at odds with each other. Ridged rules gets in the way of freedom which just may be the last thing many have left. 


The Government has Partnered with Charitable organizations, it's become a big business. We're looking for answers. Warehousing, feeding, schooling, medical care and legal representation of illegal immigrants seems to have moved ahead of our own citizens. All the Religions of this country have gotten on the illegal gravy train of the government.


It's time we have a paradigm shift "Americans First"    


Regardless of their situation they remain patriots and will proudly salute the Flag when the most affluent in our society won't. 


We at Texas Biker Radio are putting the Mayors of Dallas and Fort Worth on notice. Do something meaningful to help. you are not going to like what we do next and it will last for months on end.