#1. In case you didn't notice ISIS failed big time on Thanksgiving Day. They had hoped some lone wolf (islamic fool) would attack just because they said so. Maybe they were too busy Christmas shopping to hear or eating bacon flavored ice cream? One moe-ron planned to use a garbage truck to run over people attending the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. Like we said a fool who gave himself away.


We think it proof ISIS is full of BS and lacks the ability to carry out a mission on their own outside of the middle east and Europe. Clearly the opportunities outside of New York are there, malls, stores, festivals, sporting events, schools, buses, church's, the list runs on and on. With our open borders and a sympathiz[ng President that's inviting terrorist in to the country. We are as ripe as ever for a big time well orchastrated hit. The Obama admin does not have or wants a clear middle east strategy, when it comes to ISIS and the mid east, there is no commitment to defeat the enemy.


Yet ISIS couldn't make it happen.


They are weak when people stand up and fight back no matter where they are in the world. It is unthinkable that a city like Mosel Iraq with 1,846,500 (2004) people would let an estimated 5000 ISIS members terrorize them all.   


By The Millions They Shopped

#2. Black Lives Matter and other communist groups in Chicago must have been too full of turkey and could not participate in badgering of Black Friday shoppers and businesses. In spite of media hype and outright lies BLM had little impact across America. Shoppers by the millions looking for great deals ignored the mother of all protests, a few hundred here and there, it fizzled out in short order. 


It wasn't turkey they were full of. One progressive over the weekend called this the galvanizing of the left. "Not really", there are so many different factions there is no clear message other than anarchy for all and they don't like Trump, kill white cops, kill any cop! BLM's message gets drowned out by the lunatics they've aligned themselves with and the murder of police officers across the Nation. 


What is clear, the weak minded in these groups are lead by progressive operatives who get their marching orders from the likes of George Soros, Obama, Clinton's and the DNC. You didn't think they were going to just walk away did you? In our minds these leders are guilty of murder.


The American people have just rejected progressivism through the ballot box. Jumping in that sinking boat may prove costly for their cause which does has some valid points. Those points which are not and will not be heard for the people will reject and demand lunacy be stopped.


Calling for murder of cops, beating of whites / Trump supporters, blocking highways, interfereing with commerce will buy BLM no good will. The people will reject their actions and not support.


It was george Soros who told Glenn Beck who we are not a big fan of that the boat had left the dock and conservatives / Constitutionalist weren't on it. We'll George, once the passengers got a whiff of your progressive shit it came back to the dock and threw your old ass off along with Obama, Hilary and the DNC.. 


Respect,  MM