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Next big date December 23rd a early Christmas gift from the founder's..

On the 23rd VP Pence who is President of the senate. Must have in his hands all "lawfully" certified slates of electors.

Pence must decide if all electors are certified and regularly given.

A governor is not allowed to certify a vote until it is given to him (Pence) without controversy and regularly given.

Today all 6 battle ground states are contested by their own state legislatures.  Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have sent letters to Pence pleading he not accept their fraudulent slate of electors that went outside of their per-view.


Pence President of the senate will have to send out a letter on Dec 23rd to all secretary's of states that he believes are under contest. He will tell them they need to send to him all lawfully certified electors, he has to deem whether these are lawfully certified elector's. Certified and lawfully certified are two different things.  He cannot certify if the is a contest between legislative bodies.


So then the burden of proof shifts to the Biden campaign to show the election was not fraudulent or agree to a new election prior to Jan 6th. After that assuming there has been no honest elections during that time frame, Pence President of the senate will simply open all remaining certificates and votes on Jan 6th hand it to congressional tellers and count them up under normal procedures.  Pence President of the senate has the power to accept or not accept electors. He alone determines the statues, the rules and the precedent. Mike pence President of the senate does not have to accept the slate of electors because he's the presiding officer, he says we have two slates of electors that are under contest we toss them out we don't count them.


At that point President Trump automatically wins re-election even without a vote in the house per article 2 sect 1 of the 12th amendment does not require 270 electoral  votes. Only a majority of ligament slate of electors, Pence tosses out electors under contest by their legislators.


War in the house commences 


If we have a contested or contingent election at that point it simply goes into a house vote one per state.


There are multiple paths for a Trump win without marshal law, with 1807 insurrection.


At some point they maybe need to for the other side is set for violence as arrest of the conspirators are rounded up.. 


Just sayin everybody..