Less than 24 hours after we talked about bad acting cops on our Radio Show Texas Biker Radio  it appears another has popped up in Fort Worth Texas. To set the stage last night we were discussing the treatment of a Biker by Austin police officers who were profiling and acting like total jerks to a cooperative Biker. Cops claimed he failed to signal a turn. Keep in mind they didn't issue a citation, they wanted pictures of what he was wearing and his tattoos. We would assume it's for their fusion center.


It's crazy we are collecting data on American citizens while the President destroys data on potential terrorists.   

At one point during our show we brought up that Blacks have been enduring this kind of treatment for decades, but whats happened is it's filtered on down to anyone else they can vilify, "like Bikers" for instance. It's now everyone that's "not one of them" and is seen as a potential threat or target for a law officer that has a hyped up mindset. Color really doesn't matter, It's the ability to vilify and get away with it.


It's The Training Stupid!


It doesn't matter how much reaching out to the public police might do as long as there is not a change in training methods and the continuation of a good ole boy network that protects bad cops, bad DA's and judicial systems. A good training course on our Constitutional rights as citizens would help. Able Reyna needs it asap!


The people will rise up and demand change.  


What we saw in Waco, Fort Worth Pepper Spray Cop, Austin failure to turn and now this time over a 7 year old black kid that may or may not have been littering according to a neighbor who put his hands around his neck (so the kids says).


In the video the cops stance and attitude was unconcerning and in our view should not have a badge or a job that deals with the public. Retraining will never help this guy.  


People ended up on the ground and arrested, including the person that videoed the whole thing. Which she has the right to do by state law. As usual the Police Officer is on desk duty while they concoct a story for the horrible crimes of a 7 year old and the mom who went out to defend her son right or wrong. Instead of defusing the situation the officer escalated it with one crappy comment. The officer should have investigated the incident and used it as a teachable moment for the child. Instead he has the whole black community calling for his job and head if they can get it. The way police officers treat the public has to change you start by getting rid of bad apples. 


Now if the kid lied about being choked.


Mom Needs To Spank His Lying Littering Butt.. Nowadays people can get killed over nothing. If the white guy choked a 7 year old black kid? He might consider moving soon.