To us The Dallas Cowboys are no longer America's Team. They've joined the ranks of the BLM,. Antifa, American Communist Party, The DNC and other left winged groups who work to divide the country by race, racism, ethnicity.


This Cowboy show of unity is everything but. A loud chorus of boo's when they took a knee before the National Anthem should have sent a signal to Jerry Jones, but what do any of them care they are all rich, filthy rich!  Standing up arm in arm, bull shit! If you can't do it right don't do it at all. 


Make all the money while you can NFL. There is nothing Charitable about you and is probably the reason you dropped your 501 3c status in 2015.


But we digress. 


We must say we took great pleasure this weekend in doing something other than watching a boring flag ridden game. After 40 years we've seen every play known to man. There is nothing new. We've heard every sob story there is to here about million dollar players. 


We went on a ride on our motorcycles, fresh air beautiful weather without paying for an over priced ticket, inside a stadium that rarely opens the roof, with over priced food and beer. You get our drift we had a great time and saved some bucks. "My God", if you go to every game buy food and crap you've spent enough to buy a nice Motorcycle. 


Put your money were your mouth is NFL and we aint talking the Salvation Army.



Maybe 30 miles from Texas Stadium a poor Black community is struggling to survive. They've been struggling to get the basics for 30 years, "water"! Where you at Jerry Jones, any Dallas Cowboy, Dale Hanson. there all full of themselves and for the most part do the minimum to help the Black communities, that goes for the prick that owns the basket ball team too. Who's next?


Why don't these rich primadonna's get off their knees and help with the root cause of poor black communities. 50 years ago only 22% of black families didn't have a father present, today it's between 70-78% of black families have no fathers present.


The government created the welfare state which is the root cause of Black fatherless families. Matter of fact they now celebrate single mothers without husbands no matter what color. 


It has nothing to do with white privilege, statues, school names or even cops. Those are tools of division. George Soros and his communist friends are loving it and the NFL has fallen into the trap.


But They have worse problems as do many other industries.


Generation Z and many Xer's could give a crap about anything but electronics, electronic games. Not foot ball, base ball, motorcycles. Skinny jean geeks are heading our way and are set to give it all away. Meaning the country. They are clueless. Many industries will flounder and die. 


One More thing. As A Veteran I'm disgusted that the Military is paying to be Honored by the NFL. If they can't support the troops without being paid to do it, screw 'em..