Trump had a meeting with Sheriffs from across the Nation just last week. Clearly they and local Police across the Nation have aligned themselves with him, along with Military members and Veterans across the world? Now other countries want to follow Trumps lead world wide. The New World Order is collapsing before our eyes.


The Battle Lines Are Being Drawn Can You Feel It?


What happens when the Feds go rogue to undermine the President? Make no doubt the FBI, CIA and others are Federal employees who will do anything to protect their turf. For years democrats have stacked progressives in positions of the lower courts, the FBI, CIA, DEA, DHS, NSA the list runs throughout the Federal government.



​We once asked our political consultant who watches the President? The answer was nobody elections have consequences.


Apparently that's not true for this President. There are watch dogs at every corner ready to pounce. Paul Sperry of the  NY Post called it a shadow government embedded just below the surface of the federal government. Federal employees who's political leanings are to destroy anyone who does not agree with the progressive ideology. It's loaded with aristocrats, muslims, progressives, communists in key positions throughout, much like Brussels in the EU. Nameless, faceless bureaucrats doing their damage everyday in every way. 


NSA is now a problem for law makers, NSA who can listen in on Confidential conversations at will from anywhere in the world. How does it feel we ask?  Time to defund while you have the power. 


As Bikers we've experienced the worst of the FBI and other federal agencies who use the Sheriffs and Local PD's as puppets across the Nation. Just when does that stop?


We see a breakdown coming 


We don't think there is any question to who's side Bikers fall on. It's certainly not the Feds. The trust has been lost with anything headquartered out of DC. FBI / CIA are a manipulative bunch who will lie, vilify, destroy lives. No different than their Russian counterparts, yes they have interfered in elections of other countries. 


As Military men would like to remind President Trump that there is an old saying "Loose Lips Sink Ships". Take action now to right the ship expose and prosecute leakers within. Purge the government at every level of wrong doers. Take Confidential meetings away from the White House. Quit using twitter to broadcast to the enemy within and the media.


President Trump has a monumental task with every progressive in both parties in all out assault mode. They smell blood and are at the ready to ratchet it up in a moments notice. 


Obama is back to community organizing (Organizing For Action), he and his Anarchist minions want war in the streets. Make the government ungovernable. You can bet the money will flow from muslim countries throughout the world. Look at Europe fighting will be in the Streets. Why should we put it off for our children and grand children to fight. 


Lets Rumble






3:AM 02/15/17