OMG! Assistant McLennan DA Jarrett suggests to jurors that Bandidos have psychic powers. They can actually give commands without speaking a word or even being present. The DA claims it's their training that gives them this ability, a claim made with no proof this kind of training exists within the Bandidos Organization and if it does I've got some kids I want to control without speaking a word. There's a lot of money to be made teaching mind control.


I guess I would ask Mr Jarrett to demonstrate some mind control on one of the Jurors. Make them pinch each other while he's in another room. ​Mr Jarrett must have attended an OMG seminar for that one. It worked in Fort Worth. Bandido Howard Baker, 62, was sentenced to 40 years for murder, 45 years for directing a criminal street gang and 40 years for engaging in organized crime, with very little evidence.


It was a show trial with heavy security &  police presence to convince the jury he must have been guilty of something. Mr. Baker was railroaded by his own lawyer. McLennan County is attempting the same thing.


Cassie Gotro was not on the scene as the Defense Lawyer in that one we don't think she's going to let them get away a second time and neither are we. If the Bandidos had such power they would direct Able Reyna to let the innocent go and would have directed the Cossack's to leave Twinn Peaks. 


So much for ESP Mr Jarrett and where is Camp Bandido ESP School?


CLICK HERE Legendary Jim Parks Remarks preparatory to void dire examination in the Bandido Jake Carrizal trial