The Morality Scale has slipped to new lows not only with the citizenry but law enforcement and the courts in Texas. Last night 1/11/20 my Alma mater Kimball HS  was involved in a shooting at a basketball game, 2 wounded 1 in critical condition), there's shootings through out Texas every night, but Dallas seems to be leading the race for #1 again this year.  


But wait it gets better. The 68 yo South Oak Cliff HS that day had it's grand reopening after a 52 million dollar renovation so they schedule a basket ball game for the same day. Get this, there were 9 Dallas Police Officers at the game. It doesn't matter how much money you spend, how much security you have when a neighborhood has sunk to new lows the school have elements hell bent on chaos.  


We always like to point all the crimes and misdemeanors are not due to Motorcycle Clubs no matter what percent they might or might not be wearing on their kutts.

If your going to ride through Texas in a group here's what to expect.


The minute the DPS or some Local Sheriff sees your group it's going to be reported, the bar goes up if your wearing a 1% or particular colors. Don't think just because you might be from a Open Carry State that the law in Texas won't confiscate your weapon. Even if Texas has an agreement with the State you come from.


You see for some time now it's been about harassment and the ride they will give you through the corrupt Texas courts. The DPS in particular will find any reason to stop riders and even worse find any reason to take them to jail. It doesn't have to be a weapon. We've seen riders taken to jail for being over the white line, don't think they won't stoop to new lows because they have. We are waiting for the next new low and the details of.


We do suggest you have a password to get into your phone, we do suggest you video any encounter you have with LE and we do suggest you let us know so we can document the behavior of the law and the courts. 


Texas has decided that super secret databases will solve the problems they have fighting crime. Therefore Bikers are among the easiest and safest targets to label as potential criminals since we've been vivified, like forever. 


TX Databases can't fix the decaying moralities of the American people, in particular young people and the law itself. One of their biggest problems is drugs and a government that wants to keep it going. The lure of big money corrupts all.


For months we've been questioning the gang databases in Texas. We suspect it full of errors. People have been turned into potential criminals without knowing it. It's a loose network of intelligence gathering with no accountability. Protected by the Governor and TX Attorney general. 


As we work to expose the corrupt within a system designed to vilify, harass, jail, convict the innocent, we send you these warnings. The probabilities are risky when riding in Texas...


Take note: Even Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh pointed out the courts across America are rigged because of the collusion between the Law, DA's & Judges...



mel moss says...
"Kimball vs South Oak Cliff HS Update: the two basket ball teams where 2 people were shot by a 15 yo finished the game under heavy security by Dallas Police and empty stands. If they can't handle the kids it's cause for concern." (1/13/20)