Save Sand Branch Texas from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.



Save Sand Branch Texas from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


Sand Branch Texas Neglected & Forgotten


There seems to be epic fails in this country on all fronts. Law Enforcement, Politicians, Government Employees, you name it. While we are trying to take care of the world and rule everybody. The whole country has lost its way.


​You don't have to do anything but turn on the news every afternoon to see it. Today was no exception.


I turned on the news to find out there is a Tiny Town named Sand Branch Texas in South Dallas County who hasn't had clean drinking water for over 30 years. This community (Est. 1887) had clean well water until a waste water treatment moved next door.


To make a long story short. 


Since the contamination of the wells was discovered a few decades ago, a single engineer was assigned to look into getting Sand Branch clean water, while doing his research he discovered Sand Branch was within FEMA's 100 year flood plain.


"Problem Solved" move 'em out!


This should not have set off any alarm bells since Dallas and many other cities across the country sit within 100 year flood plains. 


But Dallas County went into what we call bullying mode against the tiny unincorporated community. Along with them came state and federal agencies. They set the wheels in motion with unlawful ordinances and heavy fines designed to run people off of their properties 1 by 1, a slow death for the community. 


In hindsight Federal and State agencies should have never let the City of Dallas build a waste water treatment plant next to a community that depended on well water.


Millions of American citizens live in FEMA's 100 year flood plains Dallas, Houston, Galveston and New Orleans can have multiple floods within 100 years.


Whats happened to Sand Branch was unjustified by any means, Sand branch deserves clean drinking water sooner rather than later. We aim to see they get it. 


We find it ironic that we have been nation building all over the world including infrastructures for countries that would kill us if they had the means to do so.


We can't find the resources to save one tiny community here at home?


Sand Branch Texas from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.



Like the news article said we have a 3rd world town in the same county of the 11th richest city in America. The fact is this little town has suffered from total neglect, political malpractice by the county, state & federal governments and the politicians that represent them, which would be County Commissioner John Wyllie Price and Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson. Both are not strangers to controversy.


There is no excuse for this other than... Greed - Corruption - Neglect